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Radhasoami Reality

Jan 28, 1994 00:51 AM

by Terry Hobbes

To: Paul Johnson and other interested parties

Concerning Radhasoami:  The two best and latest books on Radhasoami are:

*Radhasoami Reality:  The Logic of a Modern Faith* by Mark
Juergensmeyer, published by Princeton University Press, 1991


*The Radhasoami Tradition:  A Critical History of Guru Successorship* by
David Christopher Lane, published by Garland Publishing, Inc., 1992.

Daniel Caldwell in Tucson, Arizona sent me some material on Radhasoami
concerning light and sound yoga. This material on light and sound yoga
was found in a series of articles by Gordon Limbrick.

I called Daniel and asked him about Radhasoami and he said that one of
the Radhasosmi gurus is mentioned in the Mahatma Letters under the name
of Salig Ram. He said he had written an article on this for Will
Thackera of Theosophical University Press. Daniel said that he
personally knows David Christopher Lane and would be willing to put you
in contact with Lane.  Lane knows all the groups in America and has a
unique perspective on Radhasoami. Call Daniel at 602-629-9158 or write
him at P.O. Box 1844, Tuscon, Arizona 85702.

I have some general comments on the HPB and AAB dialogue/discussion
and will post it in early Feb.


P.S. David Lane is on Internet and has an E-Mail Address. Daniel
will supply it soon.

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