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Re: Radhasoami Reality

Jan 28, 1994 10:58 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Terry,

Thanks very much for the referrals. I had id'd the 2 books and
have them on request for ILL. Daniel's discovery is
fascinating, and confirms my suspicion that the subject merits
investigation from the pov of Theosophical history. If Lane's
title is indicative, I gather he takes a dim view of the
guru-worship in the Radhasoami tradition. It's worth
mentioning in my work in progress as background for the Punjabi
Sikh milieu at the time HPB was working with KH et al.

Will be checking out the Kirpal/Darshan/Rajinder tradition at
their Virginia ashram, and probably simultaneously going to
Yogaville and trying to connect Satchidananda's lineage with
those of some of the Masters in my book.

Paul J.

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