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HPB Natal chart

Jan 18, 1994 08:57 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

     This is from a chapter written many years ago and never
published. I have 2 pages on HPB and 4 on the TS. Will post
in three sessions, starting with HPB. Comments invited.

   The Sun in the second house in Leo indicates a live marked
by strong-willed assertion of one's personal values and unique
mission. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius in
the eighth house suggests an absorbing interest in the
religious and scientific approaches to the mysteries of the
unconscious and the unknown. The search motif of this
conjunction is underscored by Uranus's rulership of the ninth
house, suggesting travel(and publishing?) as the inevitable
result of the urge to explore the mysteries. The opposition of
these planets to the Sun indicates a conscious tension between
the stability and material well-being of the native and the
urge to explore. The personal/collective polarity of the
second/eighth house placement creates frustration of the need
for social approval found with a Leo Sun and Libra Moon. A
Sun/Jupiter opposition gives a larger than life histrionic
quality which can be off-putting, and the Sun/Uranus opposition
indicates a rebelliousness which can be self-defeating.

   The most important harmonious aspects are the trine from
Pluto in Aries in the tenth to the Sun, and its sextile to
Uranus. The trine strengthens the vitality to provide the
stamina and endurance required for a life of travel, as well as
the regenerative ability to rebound from illness and injury.

   The fourth house Libra Moon is conjunct Venus and opposed by
Pluto. This shows the inner, very human woman largely
invisible to Theosophists. A Libra Moon indicates a highly
sociable nature with emotional needs dominated by the need for
affiliation and harmony. The Moon, as psychic inheritance from
mother and childhood, indicates a love a beauty and pleasure.
Delicacy, refinement, a love of domestic life and the need for
a happy home are all suggested by the Moon/Venus conjunction.
The placement in the fourth suggests a lifelong nostalgia for
her childhood of plenty and refinement. Yet the opposition
from Pluto in the tenth house indicates that all these needs
will be frustrated by the demands of career and "the world."
Peronal happiness and contentment will be as elusive as a
permanent home for the native. But these are consciously
accepted sacrifices leading to self-transformation in serviuce
to the greater good.

     The third complex of interest is the conjunction of Mars,
Mercury and Saturn in Virgo in the third house. Here we see
HPB the writer. The encyclopedic scope of her writing is
indicated by the placement of Mercury, which governs
communication and information. Mars lends an incisive,
aggressive quality to the communication, Saturn insures
seriousness of subject matter and thoroughness of analysis,
while Virgo suggests mastery of detail.

     To recapitulate, we have in the Sun opposition to Jupiter
and Uranus, evidence of the rebellious individualist driven to
pursue answers to the great questions of life through
wide-ranging exploration. The Moon/Venus/Pluto configuration
shows the frustrated emotional need for a life of culture,
refinement, beauty, and domestic happiness-- and perhaps also
her regret for her alienation from her homeland. The
Mars/Saturn/Mercury placement describes how the native will
communicate the results of a lifetime of emotional sacrifice
and intellectual/spiritual exploration-- via serious, detailed
analytical treatises with an incisive, aggressive tone.

   The only planet left is Neptune in Capricorn conjunct the
seventh house cusp. Although unaspected, Neptune gains
significance as ruler of the midheaven and as the only planet
conjunct an angle of the chart. Alan Oken suggests this as the
key to HPB's mysterious relations with her Masters. It may
indicate mysterious partnerships as well as psychic abilities
expressed publicly. The Neptune "fog" effect seems to work
both ways in HPB's partnerships. Her ties to the men in her
life, including the Masters, are elusive and mysterious to
present students, as they were to her contemporaries. But for
HPB herself, the issue of partnerships was murky and
misleading. She continually involved herself with people who
misled and deceived her, or at least disappointed here: the
mediums of her Cairo Societe Spirite for starters. She and
Olcott poured money into their relationship with E. Gerry
Brown, who became an enemy and never repaid them. The
association between the TS and the Arya Samaj was another
ill-advised partnership based on misunderstandings which later
destroyed the alliance. Others who HPB trusted and who
disappointed here include Rosa Bates, Edward Winbridge, Emma
and Alexis Coulomb, Subba Row, Mohini, Sinnett, Solovyov,
Coues, Collins, etc. And all of them would probably retort
that she had betrayed their trust too.

     Next installment-- the TS chart.

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