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Don's Help File

Jan 18, 1994 08:25 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

I've updated the fonts in Don DeGarcia's Theosphical
Introduction and made it available via anonymous
ftp from my PC ( in the /theos
directory. Could a couple of you look it over before
I put it in the major internet archive sites? This version
seems to fix the fonts problem and the problem where
WinHelp reported 'routine not found' under Windows NT.
There is also a change in the 'For Further Information'
section to mention this internet mailing list.

If there are recommended content changes, let me know -
we will have to get Don's approval since this work
is under his copyright.

    -Mike Grenier
Mike Grenier          Unisys Govt. Systems     612-456-7869

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