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AAB, Spiritual healing

Jan 06, 1994 10:34 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jim Anderson

     I read with interest your message to Arvind concerning AAB.
I probably know your Hollywood friend, as I was active down there
for over twenty five years.  I have also talked to students who
are critical of Bailey, many of whom I respect for their
knowledge and understanding of Blavatsky.  But I have also talked
to knowledgeable students who are positive towards Bailey.  This
is why I started to do a personal investigation some years ago--I
wanted to get to the bottom of this.  But I learned very quickly
that it was not such a cut and dry issue as so many made it out
to be.  I also discovered that getting to the bottom of this
would require much more reading than I have time for, under my
present circumstances.  When Arvind came on line asking for a
dialogue on Bailey, I saw a chance to cover more territory then I
would have had time to do on my own--so I proposed an AAB/HPB
comparison dialogue.  So far it has been very productive--for me
anyway.  I've learned a lot from Arvind in a pretty short time.
I trust that he and other have benefitted also.  But we still
have a very long haul ahead, and many of my questions will have
to be answered through my own digging--especially those of a
historical nature.

     Whether or not Bailey proves to be the genuine successor of
Blavatsky is from one perspective a rather moot point, because in
the final analysis, I prefer to look at how the members carry on
their lives and how they treat others.  In other words, a good
way to judge a tree is by its fruits.  I have never been involved
in the Arcane School, so I can't make a judgement, even though
Bailey students give rather glowing reports of themselves when I
ask.  As for the TS, it is a different matter--I've had thirty
years exposure with them, and in my book, the group as a whole
doesn't earn very high marks, though I have met many exceptional
individuals from all Theosophical persuasions.

     You must have met Boris in 1975, because that was the only
year he ever went to Adyar.  I would like to know more about your
experiences with him.  The person with whom I studied Theosophy
with for eighteen years was Boris' student and assistant, so I
consider myself blessed to have seen quite a lot of him over
those years.  The thing that always stood out about Boris, was
that he was always focused upon the other person.  Every time we
met, he was always looking for what he could do for me.  He
seemed to be that way with everybody.  Boris and my teacher
passed away within a year of each other.

     While in Tucson, studying Theosophy, did you ever run across
Curtis James?  He was active in the Los Angeles Branch for a
while, until he moved to Tucson, where he contacted the Gullo's
and the van Thiel's.  I've lost track of him and would like to

Paul Johnson

     I think you will need to offer more detail in order to
stimulate comment.  The issue of authority in the TS has been a
point of interest with me.  There is a funny twist that happened
in the TS concerning this spiritual authority issue.  HPB's plea
for mental autonomy centered in the individual sort of changed
into a plea for mental autonomy centered under the will of those
running the society during the Krishnamurti era.  I hope you go
into an analysis of this.  In fact I recall having a
conversation with you along these lines on a certain corner in
Manhattan, in 1986.  Remember?


     Since Nancy is sending you the pamphlet, I won't xerox it
for you.  I can still send you the THEOSOPHICAL NOTES annotated
reprint of this if you are interested.


     A friend in the Adyar TS who is very clairvoyant told me
once that she went to some Katheryn Kuhlman revival meetings.
You may recall, she was one of the first popular revivalists to
do healings in the name of Jesus, before the advent of the modern
electronic fakery.  My clairvoyant friend said that she would see
a light over the head of the people Kuhlman would pick from the
audience to heal.  She speculated that Kuhlman either consciously
or unconsciously saw these lights, which directed her to these
people.  What do you make of this?

     How come we don't hear from John?

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