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the earthquake in Los Angeles

Jan 23, 1994 03:13 PM
by eldon

I posted a note early last week regarding the earthquake in Los
Angeles, where Brenda and I live.

We checked the house on Thursday evening, and then again on Friday
morning in the light of day. It seems to be ok with a few exceptions.
The chimney has lost a few bricks, and does not seem safe. There are
a few minor cracks in the drywall, near door frames. But there is no
apparent structural damage. The computer, TV, and bookcases did not
fall over. We lost several plates of china, and some of the pannel
cealing in the kitchen fell and broke, and we lost a potted plant.

For the most part, things seem to be ok. We'll ask a neighbor, a
licensed structural engineer, to inspect the property, just to be sure,
but think we got by with minimal damage. That would be good,
considering that we were but six miles from the epicenter of a 6.6

Brenda, and our daughter, Galina, would have been in the house, on
the weekend of the earthquake, except for some car trouble, which
kept them in San Diego. The car trouble turned out to have good
timing! Galina, at four years of age, already is a bit afraid of
going to sleep at night, and does not need the experience of a major
earthquake to add to her fears!

Best wishes to everyone.

                        Eldon Tucker (

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