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Lives in the Shadow

Jan 21, 1994 08:24 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In response to the exchange between Arvind and Jerry H-E on
Radha Rajagopal Sloss's book Lives in the Shadow with J.

I recommend it very highly for anyone interested in K. or the
modern T.S. Jerry is right about it not being gossip or
speculation. Sloss has lived an incredible and unique
life, and writes with a kind of emotional honesty and
sincerity that makes for a powerful reading experience. It's
hard enough to write any book. To write an autobiography of
the quality of this one is near miraculous. The author gives
herself, sacrifices her privacy, in order that "the truth shall
make you free." The attempts at suppression by the
Krishnamurti followers are an unwitting repudiation of
everything they pretend to stand for. The things about K. that
are truly valuable are enhanced by the information in this
book; the illusion of his saintliness which it shatters was
never anything more than a continuation of the fantasy world he
rejected in 1929.

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