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More poetry

Jan 20, 1994 10:36 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Two friends have contributed some theosophically inspired poetry
which may be of interest :

           THE VIRTUE OF COURAGE      by James Feinstein - California

         How courageous it is for souls to
               Face themselves!
         To see uncertainty with powerful certitude;
         To know strength comes from the inner nature:
         Fine qualities within the soul - never without.
         Build courage from your own secret depths.

         If the roots are deep, when fierce winds blow,
         The leaves and soil may scatter, but the tree
         Still holds its steadfast grip.

         When the soul can feel its own strength,
         Trepidation scatters like dark clouds,
         While a courageous sun finally breaks through,
         Sheding its golden rays of spiritual light.

         I AM A SHIP         by Stefan Carey - Melbourne, Australia

         I am a ship,
         far from any shore,
         riding the seas,
         aimlessly, like a gull in midflight.

         See the dawn,
         feel the light,
         Life flows and washes over my decks,
         the winds of change fill my sails,
         as I go ever forwards
         across the mighty waves
         of mother sea.

         And now like a fresh wind,
         and a new day,
         under a blue sky,
         so infinite;
         it is time to change our course.

         Turn the mighty rudder
         towards the Sun.

 With good wishes,

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