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Natural disasters

Jan 20, 1994 10:20 PM
by Andrew Rooke

We seem to be having our fair share of natural disasters on both
sides of the Pacific. Here in Australia, we have just had the worst
bushfires this century in our most populous state and at the moment a
cyclone is raging off the coast of Queensland in the far north. In
the US you have had the LA fires, the recent earthquake and now
freezing storms across the continent. My question concerns the
inner significance of such events. Of course, there are logical
answers to the occurence of natural disasters such as the increased
population in known danger areas, cyclical patterns of such events
over a long period of time in the Earth's life, and increasing
antisocial behaviour with the current economic climate in relation to
the bushfires. I understand that theosophical teachers speak of
events such as storms and earthquakes as necessary adjustments by the
Earth to disharmonies created by Humanity. Also, ancient traditions
speak of such events in relation to the birth or passing of great
souls. I believe that in times when the mysteries were more open,
that there were architects and city planners who were conversant with
the natural energy currents flowing over and within the Earth and the
need to align buildings and plan cities in relation to these lines of
force. I wonder if the ignorance of such knowledge by today's city
planners could be responsible for the severity of such disasters, not
to mention the turmoil in human affairs manifesting as warfare and
disharmonies at a family level. Has anyone else speculated on the
inner meaning behind these natural catastrophes which seem to be
coming thick and fast over recent months?

With good wishes - Andrew

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