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Key to Theosophy, Vegetarianism etc.

Jan 20, 1994 12:50 PM
by Arvind Kumar

John Mead, it is good to hear from you every once in a
while!  I do not mind posting these messages on 'roots' but have
forgotten how to do it. If you give me the address for 'roots',
I'll starting posting the AAB/HPB messages there(if Jerry H-E
or others do not object).

Jerry H-E, some responses to your most recent message (later
I hope to respond to your previous ones).

>      Thanks for the message, that I received today. The "two
> attachments" came through in machine language, so it is
> unreadable. Perhaps you can decode and resend it. The first part
> came through fine.

The two attachments were the last couple of messages we had
exchanged on theos-l so you already have them. I was trying to
'test' out if attachments can be sent and you have given me good
feedback (I'll have to do further research).

>      As far as Mr. Weeks goes, I rarely communicate with him. He
> is my expert resource when I have questions concerning Buddhism,
> and usually contact him when I have questions in that area. If he
> is taking a position based upon some principle, then I would be
> reluctant to try to dissuade him to another.

I have to be honest with you; I had never heard of him before I
joined theos-l. He claims to have been in AS for 15 years (and
then left it, should I say in 'disappointment'). His wife Dara
Eklund (right?) seems to be much more well-known and I had heard
her name before.

>      For the first part of the message, it would help a lot if I
> had the other half of the dialogue, but I understand that this
> may not be available.

Unless Mr. Weeks consents to making it available at least to
you (I hope he will reply in affirmative, in which case I'll
be glad to send a copy of his letter to you.)

>      One thing that surprises me, is that you two appear to be
> discussing two different organizations. What is the explanation
> for this?  Was there a complete overhaul of the Organization
> within the last ten years?

I do not believe that the organization has changed at all, certainly
the study material is unchanged. I think it is the reaction of two
different persons to the same stimulus, it can be quite different.
It is just like different people reading the same book and coming
to different conclusions about it.

>      Another thing that caught my eye is that you made a
> statement paraphrasing HPB in the KEY saying "believe in the
> teaching of the Mahatmas as a first step in order to make further
> progress."  I've never seen anything like this statement in the
> KEY, and I have been through the book many times over the years,
> and have used it as a textbook. Can you give a reference?  If
> this is in the Key, then I will not only have to completely re-
> evaluate and reconstruct my entire understanding of theosophy,
> but will have to look at the AS from an entirely different light.

OK, I have some references for you. I have the simplified Adyar
edition of the Key (by Clara Codd) so my page numbers may not
match your edition but at least the 'questions' should be the

Ch II Q 6 p.11 "But why could not a man of well-balanced mind.."

The answer : "....He who has not an Initiate for a Master had better
leave the dangerous study alone..."

Ch II Q 7 and 8 p.13 "Are we to understand that the inner group
of the TS claims to learn what it does from the real Initiates.."

Read the entire answer to this question and the first part of the
answer to the next Q. " ...The personal presence of such Masters
is not required. Suffice it if They give instructions to some
of those who have studied under Their guidance for years...Then,
in turn, these can give out the knowledge required to others,
who had no such opportunity..."

Ch XI towards the last one third of the chapter, read the
questions starting with "You speak of the Adepts as being
an exception to the rule of our general ignorance..." Read
the one starting with " You say that they accept and believe
in the doctrine of Theosophy. But as they do not belong to
these Adepts you have just mentioned, then they must accept
your teachings on "blind faith"..." These answers appear to me
to be the same as given by Bailey.

To tell you the truth, when I read the Key (only a few days
ago for the first time), I thought I was reading one of
the Bailey books. The teaching on education, on vegetarianism
(surprise: HPB advises you to be a vegetarian if possible at
all!!! - read Ch XIII Q 7 etc.), on selfless service - there is
no difference at all between AAB and HPB on these and other
matters discussed in the Key.

>      On other matters, I put a bunch of books in the mail for you
> today. This time I did not forget to include a copy of
> THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY. I haven't located the Endersby material
> yet, but will send it to you and Nancy as soon as it turns up.
>      Regarding ISM, I ordered some copies from Paul, and asked
> that he mail you one direct to save time. I assume he is doing
> this.

Thanks a lot; I'll acknowledge the receipt as I get them.

>      On the Krishnamurti book: what I like about it is that it
> was written by Rajagopal's daughter, who grew up with him.
> Therefore she is able to give a very human and inside view of
> what he was about.

I had heard about this book; I think it is one of those
controversial books which claims that K had intimate relations
with the author's mother, and K had a number of personality
failures. Does the book have anything positive to say about
K or K's teachings?  I am afraid that it may be "too much
gossip" or idle speculation. Please say more, if possible,
esp. the positives.

>      By the way, if you are interested in Biographies, there is
> one on Leadbeater called THE ELDER BROTHER. It was originally
> part of a Doctoral dissertation, and is the only extensive
> biography ever written on him. I consider it a very important
> book. Its a good read. $10.

Thanks for the offer but I have too much to read at the moment;
perhaps later on (when my wife permits me !!!)  I have virtually
no space to place these books in the house (half of them have
been thrown into the garage by Shashi and Rita as they were
cleaning the mess in our 'meditation room'!)

Also I am very aware that most disciples, initiates and adepts
when in incarnation have personality faults, so from that
standpoint I'd rather not read about their personality lives.
Knowing my own status on the path, my objective is to study
the 'truth teaching' as much as possible, particularly that
which may help me become a better Server. If you come across
a book like this, I'd be very interested.


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