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TS chart, part 2

Jan 20, 1994 01:07 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

The Grand Cross is an aspect pattern composed of two
oppositions and four squares. In the TS chart seven planets
are involved. The Scorpio Sun (conjoined widely by Jupiter) is
opposed by Pluto in Taurus in the eleventh house, and squared
by Mars and Saturn, conjunct in Aquarius in the eighth, as well
as by Uranus in Leo in the second. Starting with the
Mars/Saturn conjunction, we have an unstable foundation for
collective action and values. When Mars says go, Saturn says
wait. Initiatives are stifled by fear and doubt. On the other
hand, when the Mars energy does get expressed, Saturn can give
it discipline and control, making for solid planning. The
eighth house of collective values and inheritance also
indicates the collective unconscious. Aquarian energies are
inventive, forward-thinking and objective. Therefore there is
a danger that the field of action of the Society's progressive
agenda will provide frustration from traditional conservative
forces. This may come from within, but also from without the
TS. Thus the unconscious assumptions behind religious and
scientific orthodoxy are called into action to suppress
Theosophy as "heresy." The phenomena of HPB may be indicated by
this conjunction as the Mars energy's manifestation brings
about Saturnian karmic retribution. Moreover, the political
forces challenged by the early TS were the then dominant forces
of British colonialism and imperialism. One might also see the
Brahmin reaction against HPB in this conjunction, opposed by
Uranus in Leo in the second. Uranus represents the liberating
influence of enlightenment, which may become the destructive
force of anarchy. The opposition suggests a struggle between
rebellious individualism and collective orthodoxy. The
squaring of the Sun and Jupiter by all these planets suggests
that every step of the Society's development will involve
conflicts between individual and collective values. This makes
for errative and explosive development marked by constant
crisis (Sun square Uranus). Unrealistically inflated goals
(Jupiter square Uranus) will lead to abrupt failures and
changes of direction. (Saturn/Mars square Jupiter/Sun)

The ultimate element in the Cosmic Cross is Pluto in the
eleventh in Taurus. Pluto rules cosmic cycles over which we
have no control, and Taurus is associated with the slow organic
processes regulating life on earth. The eleventh indicates all
social interaction based on voluntary activity-- equality and
networking rather than tenth house authority and hierarchy.
The role of Pluto in the configuration seems to suggest that a
deliberate effort to accelerate the conscious evolution of
humanity inevitably confronts the hard reality that change is
governed by inflexible cosmic laws. There's a feeling of
pressure and strain in the aspect pattern because the
organization is in a sense going against nature. Nothing is
easy, but life is always intense.

Finally, this chart being for Olcott's inauguration may make it
more applicable to his presidency than to the TS as a whole.
Under this principle, each new inauguration would require a new
chart. The October 30 chart, before any president was
inaugurated, is probably worthy looking at for the aspects that
remain in play regardless of leadership.

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