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Re: ethics and confidential materials

Jan 20, 1994 12:04 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

I agree that this is an ethical dilemma worth considering.
Whether the secret group in question deserves protection
depends, in my opinion, on whether its secrecy is a cover for
something nefarious. One hears that ES members are instructed
on how to vote in TS elections. That's pretty horrifying and
if I ever got hold of proof you can bet it would become
public. But as for meditation techniques etc. it would
probably be dishonorable to reveal them.

Another case where secrecy probably deserves to be undermined
in the ULT denial of the existence of their DES. Since so much
of their public posture is one of looking down on other
Theosophical organizations for being dominated by occult
claims, they should be held to account for being secretly
dominated by the same thing themselves. Ditto the
"impersonality" claim-- keeping the personality element secret
doesn't insure that it doesn't play just a big a role as if it
were open. Maybe more so.

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