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Miscellaneous Responses and Follow-up

Jan 24, 1994 01:32 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry S.

I followed the technique you suggested the other day and have
some follow-up questions for you (as well as anyone else
who may be interested in dream interpretation).

I had the following dream on Sunday morning, just before I
woke up (in fact I think the dream probably woke me up).

"I saw a woman rising on a sort of ladder to the top of a
very very tall 'post'.  The 'post' looked like a hollow
cylinderical steel pipe supported by two similar pipes on
either end, and a horizontal cylinderical hollow steel pipe
(similar to the one on the top) about ten feet below the
top pipe).   I got the impression that the woman must be
crazy (at least extremely courageous) to want to jump from this
height into the huge lake of water underneath.  Anyway,
before long, the woman dived into the water and I was
wondering whether she is going to survive the dive or not
(perhaps it was an attempted 'suicide' on the part of the

After a short while though, I saw 'small waves' in the
surface of the water where the woman had gone into the
water, and I got a comforting sense that perhaps the
woman was still alive underneath the water.  Next thing
I know, the woman had re-surfaced near the edge of the
lake, where half a dozen persons had gathered (a male--
her husband-- seemed predominant in that group) to
see her.  She seemed to have survived but said that she
was feeling extremely cold, and that she wanted to have
a bottle of 'Vodka'.  Her husband went into their house
which seemed right near the edge of the lake, and got a
bottle of Vodka, which the woman drank, and she felt much

I started thinking why the woman would drink Vodka (that
is when I woke up instead of engaging in any Lucid
dreaming).  In fact I have had rather more meaningful
dreams than this, but I always seem to wake up immediately
after these types of dreams.  Or perhaps the dreams take
place at the moment that I am about to wake up anyways
(the ego trying to throw an idea or two into my mind/
brain before I wake up?)

My interpretation of the dream is as follows(based on very
limited study of the symbols in Manly Hall's book on dream

The woman in the dream is my personality, which is taking a
plunge into the emotional plane (watery lake) in order to
'conquer' or transcend the emotional nature.  This is
a very tough job for me but perhaps I can survive with the
help of HPB's writings (Vodka?) offered by my higher self
(the woman's husband).

I sure would appreciate any help at all in understanding
this dream better (if it means anything at all!)

Jerry H-E

Thanks for your message which I got this morning on theos-
roots.  Over the weekend I did some research on AAB/HPB
writings and here are some comments as a result thereof:

(a)Read pp. 190-1 of the Unfinished Autobiography of AAB.
There is some critically important info about AAB's
background before she started wrtiting her books.  We
should keep in mind that she used to teach classes on SD
(just like you are teaching classes on SD) before she
started her 30 years of colloboration with the Tibetan.
I should repreoduce the following from these pages:

"I mention this for the benefit of the United Lodge of
Theosophists and for those who claim that the true
Theosophical lineage descends from HPB via WQJ.  All the
Theosophy that I know had been taught me by PERSONAL
FRIENDS AND PUPILS OF HPB and this Mr. Prater recognized.
Later he gave me the esoteric section instructions as
given to him by HPB.  They are identical with those I
had seen when in the ES but they were GIVEN TO ME WITH
NO STRINGS ATTACHED to them at all and I have been at
liberty at any time and have used them.  When he died
many years ago his theosophical library came into our
hands with all the old Lucifers and all the old editions
of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric
papers which he had received from HPB.

Among the papers which he gave me was one in which HPB
expressed her wish that the esoteric school should be called
the Arcane School.  It never was and I made up my mind
that the old lady should have her wish and that was how
the school came to get its name. etc. etc." (read the entire
text on these two pages).

(b)Also read pp. 236-237 starting at the last para of p.236:

"...he dictated the contents of TCF.  In this book He
gave what HPB prophesied He would give, the psychological
key to cosmic creation.  HPB stated that in the 20th century
a disciple would come who would give information concerning
the three fires with which SD deals: electric fire, solar
fire, and fire by friction.  This prophecy was fulfilled when
TCF was given to the public.  This book concerns the fire of
pure spirit or life; the fire of the mind that vitalizes
every atom of the solar system and creates the medium through
which the Sons of God develop.  It also concerns the fire of
matter producing that attraction and repulsion which is the
basic law of evolution, and holding forms together so as to
provide vehicles for the evolving life...etc. etc. It is of
a profundity and a depth of technical knowledge which lies
beyond the understanding of the ordinary reader..."

(c) I recommend that you look in the Index to the Unfinished
Autobiography and read all pages referenced under
'The Secret Doctrine'.  That material provides perspective to the
statments made in TCF...

It is possible that the reference that you are looking for
is given in the 'secret' papers of HPB that were given to AAB
by Prater (do you have a reference to where HPB has said that
ES should be really named Arcane School?)

(d)I read the following on p. xx in the Divine Plan (to answer another
one of your questions regarding the inadequacy of language
to express esoteric concepts...yes, HPB also had difficulty in
expressing 'theosophy' in English):

"The attempt to render in a European tongue the grand
panorama of the ever periodically recurring law__ impressed
upon the plastic minds of the first races endowed with
Consciousness by those who reflected the same from the
Universal Mind __ is daring, for no human language, save the
Sanskrit__which is the language of the Gods___can do so with
any degree of adequacy." (SD, I, 269)

I did not spend any time looking for this quote, and similar ones
I think I have seen elsewhere in HPB's other writings as well.

(e)I also read PP 310-325 of SD vol I.  I saw two keys mentioned
for sure, and perhaps four, namely astronomical, geometric,
numerical and physiological.  Where are the other three mentioned
(I think you had given refs. to all seven but it may be easier for you
to resend me that message than for me to try to find it in my

That is all for now.

Jim Meier

I forgot to mention earlier to you that yes, I do participate
in triangles work.  I have four triangles, and am also a member
of the Esoteric Group in Triangles, which sends out a most
'ennobling' compilation of messages once a quarter. If you want
to participate in the Esoteric Group, I can send you their

Paul Johnson

You wrote some time back:

     "So here's the short answer.  My identification for Djual
Kul is based on two things.  First, his being the right-hand
man of KH.  Second, HPB's repeatedly demonstrated propensity
for using parts of the real names in the pen-names or blinds.
I identify K.H. as Sirdar Thakar Singh Sandhanwalia, a Sikh
from Amritsar.  His close associate Sirdar DAYAL Singh Majithia
has a name similiar to Djual and a relationship to him similar
to that between KH and DK.  Dayal is on record as having
welcomed Olcott, Damodar and Brown to Lahore the night before
they were visited in their tent by KH and later by KH and DK
together.  This is the third week of November 1883."

You also said later that you had no idea where to contact the
Masters at this time, that you had researched only upto a
certain time (perhaps upto the time of HPB's passing away?)
AAB started working with the Tibetan in 1920.  So it appears
that your earlier statement that you donot think that the
DK of the AAB books is the same person as the DK in connection
with HPB's writings is not based on your research about DK's
wherabouts around 1920 but rather on your experience with/
feelings about the Bailey books.  Can you comment further on
this?  I am waiting for your book also in the meantime!



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