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some astrological comments

Jan 24, 1994 07:42 AM
by eldon

John Mead:

There are a number of cycles regarding the earth, sun, and planets. I
don't recall the precise time periods, but there could be considered
four types of stellar cycles:


*The Day* is one spin of the earth on its axis. The earth turns on
itself and looks upon all of the stars in the sky. It comes back to the
same place as before. (*sidereal day*, relative to the fixed stars, or
*tropical day*, relative to the sun at the same point in the sky)

A bigger cycle based upon the day is the precessional cycle, which is
one wobble of the earth's axis, and takes about 26,000 years. This
could be considered a bigger "day". If we break this 26,000 years into
2,160 year signs, then it should also work for us to break the 24 hours
into 12 two-hour signs.

A day represents the earth going through a complete cycle of experience,
coming to see and relate to all the stars in the sky (sideral day), or
fully exposing all its parts to the direct light of the sun and to
complete sunlessness (tropical day).


*The Year* is one circuit of the earth about the sun. The earth
completes an orbit of the sun and is ready for the next time around.
(*sidereal year*, with the sun at the same position relative to the
fixed stars as before, or *tropical year*, with the sun in the same
position over the earth as before)

A bigger cycle based upon the year is the 200,000 year (? re exact
number of years) cycle of the perihelion. The closest point of the
earth to the sun, which comes in early January, is the perihelion,
and over about 200,000 years it moves completely around the sun.

A year represents the earth completing a complete cycle of existence,
*as a satellite of the sun.* It has circled the sun once, and from its
standpoint the sun, its master, has moved through the entire skies,
and returned to the starting point. This is not a bigger cycle of a
day, and not the sun's day, for the sun spins on its axis as well.

With a day, we have a cycle of activity of a being, considered by
itself. With a year, we have a cycle of relationship between that
being and its parent or higher self.


*The Month* is one circuit of the moon or a satellite, relative to
the earth. Our position is reversed from the one that we find in
the cycle of a year. This sort of cycle represents, perhaps, energies
being drawn out of our world, rather than influences radiated upon us.


*The Conjunction* is one circuit of a planet or heavenly body, relative
to another planet or heavenly body. The two come together in the sky,
then move apart at their own different speeds, and after a time,
come together again. This cycle is apparent, from the earth's point of
view. Each planet is an influence on the earth, but is changing, as it
moves across the sky. And the cycle of aspects between that planet and
another shows how their two influences interrelate and affect each
other and the earth.

Considering any two planets, their cycle in the sky, from a conjunction
through an opposition and back again to another conjunction, is only
apparent. From where the earth is, it appears that they come together
or go apart. They are always separate in the skies, it is just their
influences upon the earth, as seen from the constellations that they
appear to be in, that harmonize or disrupt each other.

                      Eldon Tucker (

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