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Jan 27, 1994 07:50 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

This is from Nancy:

Andy -- thanks for the tip to look at the Australasian newsletter,
for comments on blood transfusions and medical dilemmas in general.
I have tried to find Roerich on Internet and cannot find their
address in the Directory. John was able to access them from
Peacenet. Kim could probably help you get from Internet to
Peacenet, then just use the name Roerich to mail to Entin.

Judy -- Hi!  Dick blows this way pretty regularly as TUP is
temporarily handling Wiz shipments so I'll pass on your hellos.

Jerry HE -- John says to say Hi, in answer to your question about
why he's not participating he just grunted, then mumbled something
about not having time. Congratulations on your teaching job.

Don -- I'm interested to discover the title of the sociology book
you referenced in your discussion about cultural relativism. Does
it offer any clues about our Western assumptions that will help us
transcend or trash them?

Serapis wrote re HPB <As an Ellorian she must win her right . . .
The final results of the dreaded ordeal depends on her and on her
alone and on the amount of sympathy for her from her two brothers
Henry and Elbridge, on the strength and power of their will sent
out by both to her wherever she may be.>
     I admit to having done no research whatsoever, but I wonder who
Elbridge was and who the Ellorians were. Page 12 describes Ellora
as a series of caves that was a place of pilgrimage and mention is
made of an Ellora Section. Is this the only info on Ellora?

Paul J. -- I have been copying down much of your postings and
will show them to John so he'll be up to speed. Also, a friend
asked me today if I knew if HPB had met Ramakrishna, or if she
had an opinion about him. I knew you'd know one way or the
other. Hope the ice storms have not been a problem for you.
Except for my psyche, the earthquakes have not damaged us here.

Bye. N.

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