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Jan 26, 1994 11:32 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Arvind. I liked your dream. The fact that you remember it
enough to write it down is a good sign. Many folks can't even
remember their dreams at all, and several people have told me
that they never dream at all (I think that we all do dream, but
that some simply can't remember). I rather like the Jungian
psychological view of dreams - they are sometimes important
messages to us from our unconscious. I also like the occult view
that they are out-of-body experiences.

Interpreting dreams is another matter. There simply is no easy
way to do it. I do not agree with the notion that things in a
dream are always symbolic of something - which has led to
hundreds of New Age dream books that we can purchase at our local
bookstores. No. If I dream of a snake, it could mean something
quite different that if you dream of a snake. My dreaming of a
snake last night could have a different meaning than my dreaming
of a snake tonight. You have to look at the whole dream and
place each object in context. My health and evolutionary
development as well as my karma all must be taken into account.
I always think about my dreams and play them over in my mind
after waking, and just let the content and emotional tones drift
through me mind. The meaning, if any, will then come to me.
However, I have many dreams that simply have no meaning to me at
all, other than expressions of myself or simple adventures
conducted for the fun of it.

Your own interpretation of your dream is probably as good as any
other. You have to open up your intuition somewhat, and let the
still small voice within you tell you what it means. Don't rely
on a book of dream interpretations. The important things to ask
yourself when you remember your dreams are:  How did I act?  What
did I do?  What was I thinking about when I did that?  Your
message describing your dream said little about yourself. What
did you think or feel when the woman jumped?  Go over your own
actions and feelings that you had in your dream. These will give
you important clues as to where your evolutionary state is. I
had an article published in SUNRISE awhile back in which I said
that dreams were barometers for our spiritual development. This
is because in dreams we shed our persona or social mask, and tend
to act and feel and think the way we really are. Our True Self
comes out in our dreams. When we are awake, we often see
ourselves the way we want to be rather than the way we are. But
the dream content itself is not really so important, and our
minds will often throw in things from memory with little rational
(remember, our conscious mind is logical and reasonable, but our
unconscious is irrational and seldom uses any logic).

There are many kinds of dreams. Some are prophetic. Some are
simple adventures of self-expression, much like life. Some are
messages to us from our subconscious - especially if we are
repressing something. The dream content will vary, but how we
act and what we do in our dreams are always indicators of our
True Self.

                           Jerry S.

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