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Astrology: Esoteric Chart

Jan 30, 1994 09:09 AM

To Jerry H-E

In your Jan. 25th response to me, it appears that
you have slightly misunderstood my comment about
"plans" of the Mahatmas. I did not mean to say that
H.P.B. related her mention of the esoteric Sept.
date to previous "plans" of the Mahatmas. No, what
I was referring to are passages that can be found
in THE MAHATMA LETTERS, which infer that the Society
was very much in the "plan" or "mind" of those for
whom H.P.B. was in "service".

     Example, page 24:

     "The Chiefs want a "Brotherhood of Humanity," a
     real Universal Fraternity started; an institution
     which would make itself known throughout the world
     and arrest the attention of the highest minds."

Although this letter is dated 1880, after the inaugura-
tion of the T.S. in 1875, still it would seem strange
that the "desires" of the Chiefs are being drawn from
the "plans" of Col. O. or H.P.B..

Also Jerry, would you mind posting the reference where
H.P.B speaks of the Sept. date as esoteric, and the Nov.
as exoteric. As well, if you include the exact date and
time of day of the September nomination, we can get
under way with a reading.


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