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Bailey, Medicine, etc

Jan 11, 1994 06:14 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

        Arvind. Thanks for the Lucis Trust info. I am satisfied that
        you are satisfied with AAB's works. Thanks for the background.
        Although my husband has read nearly all her works, the continual
        Christian references make me uncomfortable so I have never read
        more than a page or two. I am happy you are willing to persevere
        in these conversations even though the hospitality may have been
        chilly. As far as I'm concerned ALL THESE TEACHINGS ARE
        METAPHORS anyway -- we are all talking and writing around the
        subject of divinity. The Christian metaphor just doesn't speak
        to me. I learn much from these conversations and do not wish for
        all gardens to have the same kind, size, and color of flower.
        (The only reason I read the Cleather pamphlet is because of
     these conversations.)  If I were a scholar I would read the AAB
        material so as to have an informed and intelligent opinion. Alas
        I haven't the discipline to read so very much in areas that
     don't entice me. I am content to have your opinions and your

        Here is one that I like: <Whether you are bound by a gold chain
        or an iron one, you are in captivity. Your virtuous activities
        are the gold chain, your evil ones the iron one. He who shakes
        off both the chains of good and evil that imprison him . . . he
        has attained the Supreme Truth.>  Frederick Franck

        The pamphlet was only $1.00 and even with tax and postage it is
        hardly worth writing a check for. Don't think another thing
        about it.

        Jerry HE --  Dick Robb mentioned that Endersby (spelling?) wrote
        some AAB comparisons (in the 70's?) and I wondered if you had

        What do you make of the current Capricorn lineup?

        Jerry HE -  Regarding the light above the head of those chosen
     to try to be healed -- it makes everything less random doesn't
     it? I wonder how many subliminal messages (like aura colors not
        noticed with ordinary vision) we are responding to in everyday
        life that we don't realize.

        Jerry S -- HPB talks about mental healing as being partly a
        function of will  belief, imagination, and polar receptivity.
        She suggests that sometime it "staves" off karma that might be
        better to deal with in the present, rather than the future, yet
        sometimes she writes of it as complete healings. Do you think
        there is a way to tell the difference between a true healing and
        a palliation that comforts the physical but stores the residue
     in the invisible planes?

        REQUEST FOR INPUT: In a few weeks I will be on a panel examining
        medical dilemmas from a spiritual perspective. If you have any
        recommendations on sources (theosophic or otherwise)  I'd
        appreciate it. (Examples - cloning, abortion, euthanasia etc)

        I am falling behind on reading and responding. Does anyone want
        to say how many hours a day they need to commit to keep up with
        these conversations?  I had hoped I could check in once or twice
        a week, but that doesn't begin to keep me current. Later.


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