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Delayed Reply

Jan 27, 1994 11:54 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Nancy, your message of this morning reminded me that I had not
acknowledged the last message that you had sent me. So here I
am, with delayed thanks for your time and care in not only
sending the pamphlet to me but also taking the time to write
your views on topics related to what I have discussed on theos-l.

> Arvind. Thanks for the Lucis Trust info. I am satisfied that
> you are satisfied with AAB's works. Thanks for the background.
> Although my husband has read nearly all her works, the continual
> Christian references make me uncomfortable so I have never read
> more than a page or two.

This is interesting for me. I do not have a Christian background
but have not felt uncomfortable at all in reading Bailey material on
the Christ and christianity. Actually, she has written a lot about
the problems of religions, esp. christianity in the book "Problems of
Humanity". She has also said that the Christ was Sri Krishna in a
previous incarnation, which irrespective of whether it is true or not
has several implications - e.g. it posits the possibility that we all
reincarnate in different religions/races/communities over time, so
in effect we are all Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims!

Is your husband on theos-l as well?  If not, have you spoken to him
regarding my exchanges with Jerry H-E?  Any interest on his part
in contributing to our discussion?

> I am happy you are willing to persevere
> in these conversations even though the hospitality may have been
> chilly. As far as I'm concerned ALL THESE TEACHINGS ARE
> METAPHORS anyway -- we are all talking and writing around the
> subject of divinity. The Christian metaphor just doesn't speak
> to me. I learn much from these conversations and do not wish for
> all gardens to have the same kind, size, and color of flower.
> (The only reason I read the Cleather pamphlet is because of these
> conversations.)  If I were a scholar I would read the AAB
> material so as to have an informed and intelligent opinion. Alas
> I haven't the discipline to read so very much in areas that don't
> entice me. I am content to have your opinions and your quotes.

Hummm...I agree with your approach, it is as valid as any.
My wife (Shashi) is the same way as you seem to be. At least in
this lifetime, she is not into reading at all but she is also a
deeply spiritual person nonetheless.

> Here is one that I like: <Whether you are bound by a gold chain
> or an iron one, you are in captivity. Your virtuous activities
> are the gold chain, your evil ones the iron one. He who shakes
> off both the chains of good and evil that imprison him . . . he
> has attained the Supreme Truth.>  Frederick Franck

Yes, this is equivalent (in my understanding of the
'Bailey terminology') to "Relinquishment of
the Personality by the soul, through dispassion, discrimination and
detachment". It is a wonderful quote, thanks, and my
suggestion (if I may make one) to you is to 'follow your own
lead' i.e. follow your own Higher Self.

> The pamphlet was only $1.00 and even with tax and postage it is
> hardly worth writing a check for. Don't think another thing
> about it.


> I am falling behind on reading and responding. Does anyone want
> to say how many hours a day they need to commit to keep up with
> these conversations?  I had hoped I could check in once or twice
> a week, but that doesn't begin to keep me current. Later.

I am way behind at the moment in responding to Jerry H-E and others.
I have been lately spending more than 20 hours a week in 'messaging'
or the research associated with the messages! 'd love to spend more
time on this activity if possible at all!!

With all the best,


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