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Re: Thos. works fia ftp

Jan 11, 1994 10:29 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

>Eldon, When I asked about making Theosophical works available via ftp
>I was thinking rather of submitting them for inclusion in major
>existing archives, the Gutenberg project for example, not expecting
>them to compete for limited space in theos-l on vnet.
>Does anybody else have thoughts on this?

   I think its a good idea to submit the materials to places
on the internet were people are likely to look for them.

I'm curious though - what format are these Theosophical works
in? Postscipt? ASCII? SGML? some PC wordprocessor?

What options are there? Do the works include graphics for the
drawings or unusual fonts (sanskrit or the hebrew in SD)?
I'm just brain storming on how to present materials via World
Wide Web.

    -Mike Grenier
Mike Grenier          Unisys Govt. Systems     612-456-7869

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