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Re: Bodies of Mahatmas

Jan 11, 1994 11:14 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Paul,

You wrote on 11Jan 1994:

>That's rather lengthy to go into here-- unlike many of you I
>haven't figured out how to write other than online.
  - Stuff deleted -

>ISM is not the best place to begin; at this
>point I'd rather have people wait for the new book and then go
>back to ISM for background if desired.

I myself do not write in any other way except on-line.  Yes,
it is a considerable expenditure of energy, but I think it
is worthwhile, for the sake of others.  Don't you?

Can you elaborate at all on what you know about DK specifically?
After having made the statement to the effect that "you do not think
that the real Master DK was the one that AAB worked with", I feel
justified in asking you for details!


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