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AAB/HPB, Danish Section

Jan 19, 1994 10:05 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     Thanks for the message, that I received today. The "two
attachments" came through in machine language, so it is
unreadable. Perhaps you can decode and resend it. The first part
came through fine.

     As far as Mr. Weeks goes, I rarely communicate with him. He
is my expert resource when I have questions concerning Buddhism,
and usually contact him when I have questions in that area. If he
is taking a position based upon some principle, then I would be
reluctant to try to dissuade him to another.

     For the first part of the message, it would help a lot if I
had the other half of the dialogue, but I understand that this
may not be available.

     One thing that surprises me, is that you two appear to be
discussing two different organizations. What is the explanation
for this? Was there a complete overhaul of the Organization
within the last ten years?

     Another thing that caught my eye is that you made a
statement paraphrasing HPB in the KEY saying "believe in the
teaching of the Mahatmas as a first step in order to make further
progress." I've never seen anything like this statement in the
KEY, and I have been through the book many times over the years,
and have used it as a textbook. Can you give a reference? If
this is in the Key, then I will not only have to completely re-
evaluate and reconstruct my entire understanding of theosophy,
but will have to look at the AS from an entirely different light.

     On other matters, I put a bunch of books in the mail for you
today. This time I did not forget to include a copy of
THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY. I haven't located the Endersby material
yet, but will send it to you and Nancy as soon as it turns up.

     Regarding ISM, I ordered some copies from Paul, and asked
that he mail you one direct to save time. I assume he is doing

     On the Krishnamurti book: what I like about it is that it
was written by Rajagopal's daughter, who grew up with him.
Therefore she is able to give a very human and inside view of
what he was about.

     By the way, if you are interested in Biographies, there is
one on Leadbeater called THE ELDER BROTHER. It was originally
part of a Doctoral dissertation, and is the only extensive
biography ever written on him. I consider it a very important
book. Its a good read. $10.


     Yes, this all sort of rings a bell. As for "official
explanations," they are usually at best only partly true, so they
go in one ear and out the other.

     Expulsion of a Section has to be done by vote of the General
Council. But since the G.C. is a rubber stamp for Radha, it
really doesn't matter at the bottom of it all. You have to keep
in mind that Radha chooses who serves on the G.C.

     I don't know what the current status is on the Danish
Section--I haven't been keeping up. Last I heard was that those
cooperative with Adyar wanted to re-organize.

     Did you receive my e-mail last week?

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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