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our subscribers

Jan 25, 1994 10:43 AM
by eldon

I just checked the subscripers to the four groups, theos-l, theos-news,
theos-roots, and theos-buds, and noticed the following figures.  This
information is not confidential. It is public information that comes
from the 'review' listserv command.

The breakdown by subscribers is:

        n+b+r n+b n b <none> TOTAL
     l+   28   1  2 0    2    33
     l-    2   0  1 1    0     4
          30   1  3 1    2    37

where of 37 unique individuals, 89 percent subscribe to the main group,
theos-l, 75 percent to all groups, and only 5 percent subscribe to all
*except* theos-l.

Following is the subscriber breakout:

all groups       Theosophical Library Pasadena, Terry Hobbs,
                 Sarah Kalvin, Robert Cain, Paul Johnson,
           Osmar De Carvalho, Murray Stentiford, Mike Levin,
           Michael W. Grenier, Lewis Lucas, Lee Moffitt,
           K. Titchenell, Judy Cilcain, Joseph Titland,
           John E. Mead, Jim Meier, Jerry Schueler,
           Jerry Hejka-Ekins, Jay Amundson, J. Coker,
           Eldon Tucker, Earl Eyre, Daniel Hampson,
 , Bob Murdic, Arvind Kumar,
           Arnold Stoper, Andrew Rooke

l/news/buds      Ron Banister
l/news           Pplasto, Leonard Cole
l                Rogrigo De Ferres, Sheldon Butler
buds             Don Degracia
news             Ann Bermingham
news/buds/roots  Michael Meyer, Val Schorre
                                  Eldon Tucker (

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