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Jan 25, 1994 10:03 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


OK let's take your quotes one at a time.

> Thanks for your message which I got this morning on theos-
> roots.  Over the weekend I did some research on AAB/HPB
> writings and here are some comments as a result thereof:
> (a)Read pp. 190-1 of the Unfinished Autobiography of AAB.
> There is some critically important info about AAB's
> background before she started writing her books.  We
> should keep in mind that she used to teach classes on SD
> (just like you are teaching classes on SD) before she
> started her 30 years of colloboration with the Tibetan.
> I should repreoduce the following from these pages:
> "I mention this for the benefit of the United Lodge of
> Theosophists and for those who claim that the true
> Theosophical lineage descends from HPB via WQJ.  All the
> Theosophy that I know had been taught me by PERSONAL
> FRIENDS AND PUPILS OF HPB and this Mr. Prater recognized.
> Later he gave me the esoteric section instructions as
> given to him by HPB.  They are identical with those I
> had seen when in the ES but they were GIVEN TO ME WITH
> NO STRINGS ATTACHED to them at all and I have been at
> liberty at any time and have used them.  When he died
> many years ago his theosophical library came into our
> hands with all the old Lucifers and all the old editions
> of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric
> papers which he had received from HPB.

> Among the papers which he gave me was one in which HPB
> expressed her wish that the esoteric school should be called
> the Arcane School.  It never was and I made up my mind
> that the old lady should have her wish and that was how
> the school came to get its name. etc. etc." (read the entire
> text on these two pages).

     As to AAB having taught the S.D., this doesn't impress me
one way or the other.  I have seen people teach the S.D. who are
utterly incompetent to do so, and the students, being less
competent than the teacher, never knew the difference.

     Regarding the quote above; I recall reading this very
passage some years ago when I began my investigation of the
Bailey writings.  It left me very concerned because of the

Her mention of "personal friends and pupils of H.P.B." as being
her teachers, prompted me to ask, "what were their names?"  So I
went through the book with a fine-tooth-comb noting the names of
every person she mentions for a clue as to who she means.  The
names of H.P.B.'s personal pupils are all known, yet AAB never
mentions knowing any of them.  Also, with the exception of J.M.
Pryse (whom some might call a "personal Pupil, but would have
been of little help to her) who lived in Los Angeles, none of
H.P.B.'s "personal Pupils" lived in the Los Angeles or San
Francisco area at the times that she lived in those places.  So I
reinterpreted her statement to mean that she had been taught by
former members of the E.S., during H.P.B.'s time.  One could be
on the other side of the world, never have met H.P.B., and still
have been a member of the E.S.  But having access to privately
circulated material, is no assurance that an E.S. member has any
understanding of what is in these instructions.  Now, Mr. Prater
was evidently a member of the E.S. during H.P.B.'s time, and
according to AAB's testimony, he gave her his original E.S.
instructions (which was a breach of his pledge), which were
identical with those she had seen in the E.S.

     Taken at face value, this is impossible.  I have a copy of
the E.S. instructions issued in 1891, under Besant and Judge
shortly after H.P.B. died.  I have carefully compared them with
the originals and found that they were *already* significantly
and extensively altered.  The E.S. Instructions were eventually
included in volume III of the S.D. in 1897, where even further
alterations were made.  I'm not a expert on the dates of all of
the changes made in the E.S. instructions, but I know from
personal investigation that the E.S. instructions used during
AAB's time were already extensively altered.  Therefore, my
surmise here is that AAB may have made only a cursory comparison
and wrongly concluded that they were "exactly" the same.

     Another possible reading of her statement is that AAB found
in the E.S. archives a copy of HPB.'s original E.S. instructions,
which she had an opportunity to compare with Mr. Prater's
original E.S. instructions and found them both identical.  This
reading goes a little bit beyond the information she gives, and
renders a very different impression.  In this case, all she is
saying is that even though she was never a member of H.P.B.'s
original E.S., she still has a copy of those instructions because
one of her students broke his pledge and gave her a copy.  This
interpretation is far less profound, but at least fits the facts.
Though she had access to this material, this is no assurance that
she understood it.  Therefore a comparison is still in order.

     A further concern I have about these statements, is why did
she make them in the first place?  Her opening sentence seems to
indicate her reasons: "I mention this for the benefit of the
United Lodge of Theosophists and for those who claim that the
true Theosophical lineage descends from HPB via WQJ."  In
other words, she is addressing the old controversy of
"successorship."  U.L.T. claims Judge to be H.P.B.'s successor--
at least that is what she would have been told at Krotona.  Of
course, the Krotona E.S. believes Besant to be H.P.B.'s
successor.  Both Judge and Besant were indeed personal students
of H.P.B., therefore, if AAB had teachers who were personal
students of H.P.B., she would have the same bases to argue for a
direct lineage to H.P.B.  Unfortunately, she gives no names that
could substantiate her claim.

     Regarding H.P.B.'s "wish" that the E.S. be called the
"Arcane School," this also strikes me as being very curious.  The
U.L.T. calls their "E.S." the "Dzyan Esoteric School," which
according to them, was the proper name used by H.P.B. according
to written documents they have.

     As for AAB's inheritance of Journals, papers etc., I have
copies of all this material in my own library and archives, plus
a lot more.  I even have some of the actual volumes that came
from the Pacific Grove Lodge where she got her start.  Further, I
studied for eighteen years under a woman who studied under
Blavatsky's only living blood relative (I knew him too), who in
turn knew and studied under personal students of both Blavatsky
and Judge.  I can even name names (that are verifiable) if you
want. In light of AAB's arguments, does my "lineage" and library
give me some special occult status?

> (b)Also read pp. 236-237 starting at the last para of p.236:
> "...he dictated the contents of TCF.  In this book He
> gave what HPB prophesied He would give, the psychological
> key to cosmic creation.  HPB stated that in the 20th century
> a disciple would come who would give information concerning
> the three fires with which SD deals: electric fire, solar
> fire, and fire by friction.  This prophecy was fulfilled when
> TCF was given to the public.  This book concerns the fire of
> pure spirit or life; the fire of the mind that vitalizes
> every atom of the solar system and creates the medium through
> which the Sons of God develop.  It also concerns the fire of
> matter producing that attraction and repulsion which is the
> basic law of evolution, and holding forms together so as to
> provide vehicles for the evolving life...etc. etc. It is of
> a profundity and a depth of technical knowledge which lies
> beyond the understanding of the ordinary reader..."

     OK, now we have the testimony of AAB, FB, and DK that HPB
made this prophecy, yet no one seems to have the reference.
Personally, I don't care if she quotes the Mahachohan as having
mentioned this prophecy.  I want to know where H.P.B. stated it.

> (c) I recommend that you look in the Index to the Unfinished
> Autobiography and read all pages referenced under
> 'The Secret Doctrine'.  That material provides perspective to
> the statments made in TCF...

     I did this years ago, and almost every blank spot on the
inside covers, fly leaves and title pages of my copy of THE
UNFINISHED AUTOBIOGRAPHY are covered with notes concerning this
and other topic areas.  As I have repeated many times before in
our dialogue, I have done a close reading of this book.

> It is possible that the reference that you are looking for
> is given in the 'secret' papers of HPB that were given to AAB
> by Prater (do you have a reference to where HPB has said that
> ES should be really named Arcane School?)

     No I don't have this reference, but I have copies of the
papers you are referring to.  Perhaps we should add this mystery
to the list of unverified claims and references.  Presumably the
AS archives (if they have one) has these papers and can supply
the reference. If your theory is correct, they will also find the
prophecy in the same paper.

> (d)I read the following on p. xx in the Divine Plan (to answer
> another  one of your questions regarding the inadequacy of
> language to express esoteric concepts...yes, HPB also had
> difficulty in expressing 'theosophy' in English):

> "The attempt to render in a European tongue the grand
> panorama of the ever periodically recurring law__ impressed
> upon the plastic minds of the first races endowed with
> Consciousness by those who reflected the same from the
> Universal Mind __ is daring, for no human language, save the
> Sanskrit__which is the language of the Gods___can do so with
> any degree of adequacy." (SD, I, 269)

     Yes she did, and as she says in this quote, her attempt is
"daring."  I think she succeeded quite well in "rendering in a
European tongue the grand panorama...."   It wouldn't have made
sense for her to try unless she had reason to believe that she
could successfully to it.   By the way, I never asked this
quesion.  I just made some statements and gave references in
response to others you had made.  This all came out of you
responses to observations I made in reference to some material in

> I did not spend any time looking for this quote, and similar
> ones I think I have seen elsewhere in HPB's other writings as
> well.

     Yes there are other quotes.  And further, she often
complains that ISIS UNVEILED was flawed because of her lack of
mastery of English at that time. Boris de Zirkoff, who spent 50
years compiling the COLLECTED WRITINGS, stated that in spite of
her complaint, he found no evidence of any changes in her writing
due to a better mastery of English.  In other words, he found no
evidence of the characteristic grammatical errors that writers
make who are writing in a second language with which they are
still getting familiar.  This is pretty astounding if you think
about it.

> (e)I also read PP 310-325 of SD vol I.  I saw two keys
> mentioned  for sure, and perhaps four, namely astronomical,
> geometric,  numerical and physiological.  Where are the other
> three mentioned (I think you had given refs. to all seven but
> it may be easier for you to resend me that message than for me
> to try to find it in my  mailbox!)

     Perhaps you misunderstood me.  The section I cited (S.D. I:
310-25) is a general discussion on the keys, not an exposition of
what they are.  She keeps returning to the subject of the keys
all through the S.D., but the section I cited for you is where
she begins the discussion.  This is typical of H.P.B.'s method,
and does this with lots of other subjects too.  I had documented
specific references to the keys a month ago, and assumed that you
already had that.  To save you from digging into your "mailbox,"
below is a copy that I cut and pasted from what I posted on Dec.
21 to Brenda:

I wrote:
     However, since you feel that it will help matters, here are
some citations, along with an amended list of alternative terms
she used for the seven keys in parentheses).  Anything that is
not a direct transcription is in square brackets, and are
intended to put the quote in context, not to distort the meaning.
Volume and page citations are in parentheses:

0. General Mention of Keys

     As for the Hebrews, in all their writings they show no more
     than a thorough knowledge of the astronomical, geometrical
     and numerical systems of symbolizing all the human, and
     especially the physiological functions. They never had the
     higher keys (I 311).

     For the comprehension of the Occult Doctrine is based on
     that of the seven sciences; which sciences find their
     expression in the seven different applications of the secret
     records to the exoteric texts.  Thus we have to deal with
     seven modes of thought on seven entirely different planes of
     reality.  Every text relates to, and has to be rendered
     from, one of the following standpoints (II 335).

1. Theogonic (mystical):

     This interpretation of the "ark" symbolism does not in the
     least interfere with its astronomical, or even theogonic
     keys; nor with any of the other six meanings.  Nor does it
     seem less scientific that the modern theories about the
     origin of man  (II 291).

     [Referring to the Theogonic key applied to Genesis]: "This
     key explains that Noah, the deluge-Patriarch, is in one
     aspect the permutation of the Deity (the Universal Creative
     Law), for the purpose of the formation of our Earth, its
     population, and the propagation of life on it, in general"
     (II 595).

2. Anthropological (Human, anthroposophical):

     [Footnote referring to an interpretation of the ark
     symbolism in the allegory of the Vaivasvata Manu.  She says
     in the body of the text that: "the `Ark' (or again the
     vehicle) simply means man." ]  This is the meaning when the
     allegory and symbol are opened and read by means of the
     human key or the key to terrestrial anthroposophy. (II 291)

     [Commentary referring to a sloka in Stanza V.] Remember in
     this connection the ~Tabula smaradina~ of Hermes, the
     esoteric meaning of which has seven keys to it.  The Astro-
     Chemical is well known to students, the anthropological may
     be given now. The "one thing" mentioned in it is MAN.  It is
     said: "The Father of THAT ONE ONLY THING is the Sun; its
     Mother the Moon; the Wind carries it in its bosom, and its
     nurse is the Spirituous Earth."  In the occult rendering of
     the same its is added: "and spiritual Fire is its instructor
     (Guru)." (II 109)

3. Astro-Chemical

     [Commentary referring to a sloka in Stanza V.] Remember in
     this connection the ~Tabula smaradina~ of Hermes, the
     esoteric meaning of which has seven keys to it.  The Astro-
     Chemical is well known to students, the anthropological may
     be given now (II 109)

4. Numerical

     [Regarding a "cosmo-metaphysical interpretation of God
     revealing his back to Moses]  This is correct, and is the
     cosmo-metaphysical explanation.  And now speaks the other
     Kabalist, giving the numerical meaning (II: 539).

     It had been declared from the first and has been repeatedly
     asserted since that (1st) no Theosophist, not even as an
     accepted chela~let alone lay students~could expect to have
     the secret teachings explained to him thoroughly and
     completely, before he had irretrievably pledged himself to
     the Brotherhood and passed through at least one initiation,
     because no figures and numbers could be given to the public,
     for figures and numbers are the key to the esoteric system.
     (2.) That what was revealed was merely the esoteric lining
     of that which is contained in almost all the exoteric
     Scriptures of the world- religions~pre-eminently in the
     Brahm~nas, and the Upanishads of the Vedas and even in the
     Pur~nas. It was a small portion of what is divulged far more
     fully now in the present volumes;  and even this is very
     incomplete and fragmentary  (I 164).

5. Geometric (Metrological, Geometry)

     With them [Talmudic Jews], as now shown by the discovery of
     the key to the correct Bible reading--Geometry, the fifth
     divine science ("Fifth"--because it is the fifth key in the
     series of the Seven Keys to the Universal esoteric language
     and symbology) was desecrated, and by them applied to
     conceal the most terrestrial and grossly sexual mysteries,
     wherein both deity and religion were degraded (II 471).
     To the metrological key to the symbolism of the Hebrews
     which reveals numerically and geometrical relations to the
     Circle (All Deity) to the Square, Cube, Triangle, and all
     the integral emanations of the divine area, may be added the
     theogonic key (II 595)

6. Astronomical (Cosmo-Metaphysical)

     It is true that the nature of Michael depends upon that of
     his Creator and Master.  Who the latter is, one may find out
     by carefully studying the allegory of the "War in Heaven"
     with the Astronomical key (II 63).

     [Quoting from THE QABBALAH, by Issac Myer] "That is, I will
     show you `my back,' i.e., my visible universe, my lower
     manifestations, but, as a man still in the flesh, thou canst
     not see my invisible nature.  So proceeds the Qabbalah."
     This is correct, and is the cosmo-metaphysical explanation
     (II 539).

7. Physical (Matter) has only one key~the key of matter~to open the
     mysteries of nature withal, while occult philosophy has
     seven keys and explains that which science fails to see  (I
     155 fn).

     As I wrote before, there are more citations then I have
given here, but I don't have time to find them.  But we really
are getting away from the main point, which is that H.P.B. never
names a "psychological key," but as you pointed out, she does
mention a "psychological aspect" of interpretation.

     Well, I think this covers all of the issues you have raised,
and I'm still waiting for the references to the others that are
still hanging.

All the best

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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