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Bodies of Mahatmas

Jan 10, 1994 03:41 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Paul,

What procedure did you use to establish 'tentative' id's for
the bodies of the Mahatmas?  I am very curious.

I have seen a picture of the Master DK that was taken when he was
the 'Abbot' of a Lamasery. There is an account of a person
who actually visited DK and verified that he existed in
Tibet (I'll try to get more details if possible). It is my
impression that DK got His fifth initiation some time in
1880 or so, so he is one of the youngest Masters. He works
for both the Master KH and the Master M, and assists them as
needed. AAB states in her Autobiography that her Master is
actually KH, and when she was first approached by DK, she
refused to work with him. It was only a month or so later
that she consented to work with DK, after being told by
KH. There is also an account (again, in her autobiography)
of how she saw a picture of KH for the first time upon visiting
a theosophic lodge, and recognized Him as the person that had
been 'visiting' her every now and then since her early childhood.
The other members of the theosophic lodge 'scorned' her claim of
KH being her teacher, etc. (well, the rest is history...)

>My only guess about why DK rather than M or KH is that he was
>presented as a considerably younger man in HPB's time, so more
>likely to still be alive in AAB's. According to my tentative
>IDs, however, none of them were in the same bodies in 1920.

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