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Illusory Body

Jan 08, 1994 04:57 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Jim A.  I came across the following quote yesterday that I
thought I should pass on to you:

"There are countless pools, lakes, and so forth on the earth, and
on a clear night each one will bear a reflection of the moon; but
although there are many reflections there is only one moon that
is being reflected.  Similarly a Yogi who has attained the
illusory body can emanate thousands of different forms according
to the needs of sentient beings.  Though there is only one Yogi,
his or her emanations reach countless beings.  Furthermore, just
as the reflection of the moon appears in many bodies of water at
the same time, so the Yogi can manifest in many forms
simultaneously."  Gashe Kelsang Gyatso CLEAR LIGHT OF BLISS,  p
211 (Tharpa Publications, London, 1992)

The illusory body of Tibetan Tantra is identical to the Body of
Light of western occultism, the mental body of modern theosophy,
and what HPB called the Mayavi-Rupa.  Although reaching a broad
range of people was one of the original reasons for developing
the illusory body, today it can probably be just as well served
through TV or books.

                                 Jerry S.

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