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Jan 07, 1994 06:53 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Saturday Jan 8th 1994

Do others on the network love poetry as a means of expressing
theosophy? One of the Masters said of poets : " That knowledge of the
unseen is even more definite in the poet, and more inexpressible
until he has touched it with some part of that consciousness which he
shares with other men. But in strict proportion to his greatness he
lives in the consciousness which the ordinary man does not even
believe can exist, - the consciousness which dwells in the greater
universe, which breathes in the vaster air, which beholds a wider
earth and sky, and snatches seeds from plants of giant growth."
(Mabel Collins - Through the Gates of Gold P.48). In this spirit, we
would like to present a poem by Californian writer Jim Feinstein
published in the Australasian TS Newsletter :

                   NATURE AND THE BUTTERFLY

Within the warm darkness of her protecting cacoon,
Lies the sleeping caterpillar dead to the world,
Or so it seems to the unsuspecting eye.

But Nature never rests in her sublime journeys.
Even in the dead of the coldest winter, beings
Sleep patiently, waiting for that magical sign,
That secret yearning for the love and power of
Growth and rebirth.

When the time arrives, the snows from the icy,
Distant mountains begin to melt, the sun shines
With renewed enthusiasm, and birds whistle in a
Harmonious symphony as the dark forest shakes
Herself from her long winter's sleep.

When love stirs the caterpillar ever so gently,
She awakes and climbs out of her winter dwelling.
Behold the metamorphosis! Bright are her colors -
The golden hues of the rainbow! Graceful are her
Wings, reflecting in the pale sunlight of the early
Spring morning.

Fear not youthful butterfly. Spread your wings
Toward the bright sun. Open yourself to the beauty
Of the world. Fly to the heavens; rest on a
Reposeful cloud.

We, ourselves, are caterpillars trapped in our own
Cacoons. Release yourselves! Feel love and
Compassion for all beings around you. Cast away
Your winter cacoon for the spiritual light of
Eternal spring.

Fly with the spirit of the butterfly.


Perhaps the network could be a wonderful way of sharing the
inspiration of the Ancient Wisdom expressed in poetry.

With good wishes to all,
Andrew Rooke - Melbourne, Australia

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