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Sex in the Astral Light

Jan 18, 1994 10:44 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Brenda. I like your quote:
 196 Vol I "The Astral Light or Anima Mundi is dual and
bisexual. The (ideal) male part of it is purely divine and
spiritual, it is the Wisdom, it is Spirit or Purusha; while the
female portion (the Spiritus of the Nazarenes) is tainted, in one
sense, with matter, is indeed matter, and therefore is evil
already. It is the life-principle of every living creature, and
furnishes the astral soul, the fluidic PERISPRIT, to men, animals,
fowls of the air, and everything living. Animals have only the
latent germ of the highest immortal soul in them .."

This quote goes far to show how everything in the universe
is dualistic and sexual, and also shows how the masculine mind
works. Men, in general, consider spiritual things to be good and
material things to be evil. HPB followed this line, largely because
Hinduism and Buddhism are as chavinistic as Christianity. Why
is the female portion "tainted?"  The word tainted already implies
that female=evil, an equation used by all major religions today.
Only one major group holds that female=good, and that is
Wicca, whose members are mostly comprised of women.

Anyway, I have tried to point out that the entire Magical
Universe (i.e., the Astral Light as defined as those regions
lying between the highest spirit and the grossest matter and
not simply an area surrounding our Earth) is sexual in character,
emphasizing feminine and masculine aspects in different
locations while maintaining a nice balance overall. We see this
to a degree in our dreams at night. Our ancestors believed that
succubi and incubi tempted them in dreams because their
worldview had no place for sex or sexual desire.

If you believe that female=evil, then you will seek to escape
from mortality and probably tread one of many spiritual paths.
If you believe that female=good, you will look forward to
being reincarnated and taking on a new body - a gift from
the Goddess.

                                  Jerry S.

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