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Buddhist and Pt. Loma Donation

Jan 24, 1994 06:15 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.


Ken Small has begun a wonderful project here, 60 miles East of San
Diego near Jacumba, that I thought some of the theosophists on this
bulletin board might be interested in. He has bought 120 acres of
land in the In-Koh-Pah Mountains (Bubbling Springs) and calls it
Windrock Springs. It has been organized as a land trust in which
others may become sub-owners. He has established that there shall be
8 acres reserved for a "commons" area and this will in the future
contain a library-research center. The 8 acre "commons" has been
officially donated to Point Loma Publications and will hopefully
serve as a Global Research Center for the world's religions and

I have discovered through talking with Ken that there are several
structures in existence on the land, one of which is large enough
to serve as a meeting or lecture hall. The others are small
trailers or similar living quarters.

The interesting part is that Ken has also donated to a Buddhist
Monastery 24 acres of the 52 acres reserved for group
subownership. Nine lamas visited the site and were very
enthusiastic about the potential there. They did a dedication
and naming for the land, empowering it to serve the positive
forces of the Dharma and be a PLACE WHERE MILLIONS RECEIVE
ENLIGHTENED MIND (that's the name) on November 3, 1993. The
Monastery has also been invited to participate in the cooperative
development of the "commons."

Any other groups who might desire participation in the
development of this theosophical center would have to be invited
and approved by Point Loma, who would determine that they are
existing alongside the goals and purposes stated in the Point
Loma Articles of Incorporation.

There are still 30 acres of remaining land for group use and 60
acres of land for individual use, 10 parcels of 6 acres each.
Individuals are also being sought for participation and anyone
interested should write to Ken Small for more financial
information. He is also, of course, welcoming any contributions
toward the cost of buying and developing the land which has cost
him personally $32,000 to date.

"Drepung Loseling Monestary was the largest Buddhist monastery in
the world in Tibet with about 13,000 monks. It continues today
in south India with 1500 monks and is still the largest Buddhist
educational center in the world. It was founded in 1416 and
contains five departments. The largest of these is Loseling or
"The Hermitage of the Radiant Mind."  Drepung has always been
associated with the Dalai Lamas, with the second Dalai Lama
making it his residence."  (This is an excerpt from Ken's letter
dated 11-25-93.)

Some of the details of the offer have been revised somewhat and
Ken may be posting a revised version of the above in a few days.

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