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note on keys

Jan 30, 1994 02:11 PM
by eldon

Jerry H-E:

When I was orginally doing a quick lookup of the Keys to the SD,
I misread "metrology" as "meterology", and confused it with the
study of the weather etc. I came across a definition of "metrology"
in an older dictionary:

    1816 - A study of measure, a system of weights and measures.


There are different meanings of the term *key*. There are keys that
unlock doors, and allow entry into places that one is otherwise denied
access to.

There is also the key to a map, an explanation of the symbols used on
the map, so that one is emabled to read it. In this sense, we might be
told that a dark-red line, for instance, is a major freeway, and a
dotted black line is a dirt road. In this second sense, there is no
mystery, no attempt to conceal anything, but rather a definition of the
special terminology used.

A third use of *key* is to indicate a core or central concept, the
essential part, the heart of the matter. This use is taken when we
hear phrases like "the key or pivotal doctrine is".


I was talking to Emmett Small recently, and he mentioned that *The
Esoteric Tradition* by Purucker was almost entirely written by
Purucker, and not from talks, and that Purucker considered it his best
book. I glanced at the book and the style of the material is the same
as the other books. It is not filled with footnotes and citations, but
follows the same style as his other books.

                                  Eldon Tucker (

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