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Astrology; ES and EX

Jan 23, 1994 01:37 PM

To Jerry H-E and Paul Johnson

In the years I've been familiarizing myself with astro-
logical techniques, I have discovered that the esoteric
is inextricably in partnership with the exoteric, and
vice versa. I would not consider the Sept. 1875 meeting
to represent the "esoteric" birthdate of the Society, as
there are inferences that the actual proposition to
start such an organization has a source further into the
past and associated with the "plans" of the Mahatmas.
The reason therefore, that I use Nov. 17, 1875, at 8:00
p.m., in New York City, is because for what ever reason,
that date was chosen as the OFFICIAL first meeting. All
parties involved at the time agreed that this was the
start of a hopefully unending series of meetings, and to
be gathering under the purpose and title of an "esoteric"
mission. The Sept. 1875 meeting was the relative concep-
tion of the birth which took place, Nov. 17, 1875.

Fine are the lines which divide the rules into those
which we abide by and those which we do not. We can
certainly study the conception "esoteric" chart, however
I would most likely be able to reveal point by point,
startling similarities from the birth "exoteric" one.
Slow indeed, is the evolution of our understanding of the
workings of the macrocosmic solar system in its relation-
ship to our terrestrial microcosmic paradigms. Pluto,
unfortunately at times, is associated too closely with
its methods, and not enough with its lofty purpose.
Even H.P.B. herself, revealed an impatience with a human-
ity, caught in the midst of the grand cycle yet unful-
filled in its relative and periodic culminations.

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