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Lucis Trust Address etc.

Jan 06, 1994 01:43 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Nancy,

Thank you very much for the pamphlet. I will plan to get in touch
with you (and others) as soon as I receive it and have a chance to
go through it.

The address for Lucis Trust is as follows:

Lucis Trust
P.O. Box 722 Cooper Station,
113 University Place 11th Floor
New York NY 10276

'The Unfinished Autobiography' in paperback is under $10 but I
donot have their latest price list in front of me.

The telephone number for Lucis Trust is (212) 982-8770.

We have certainly seen a lot of negative comments on this network
about Bailey and you have even read the Cleather pamphlet.  It
appears to me that many of the commentators on this network have
simply expressed their opinion based on what so and so has said,
and very few, if any, have read even one complete chapter of a
book written by AAB.  Please donot let the negative comments
scare you away from the teaching; you have your own mind and I'd
strongly recommend that you form your own opinion after reading a
book or two by AAB.  And the number of people that have expressed
a positive view of AAB is far larger. Lucis Trust Annual Conferences
are attended by over 200 persons; the University of Seven Rays runs
an annual conference which is attended by over 250 attendees; there
are numerous volumes written by various authors elaborating or
extracting from the Bailey books (much like what Bourboka did
with the Secret Doctrine in his 'The Divine Plan').

Perhaps I should say a few words on why I care so much for AAB.
I am forty two years old, have an excellent family and career
(as a systems Engineer with a large telecom corporation), am very
successful outwardly (materially) and feel blessed in every way.
If someone were to ask me about the the best thing that has
happened to me in my life, my answer will be
'coming across the Bailey material'.  I have had the best of life
in almost every department, but the thing that matters to me the
most is the Bailey teaching, as it has transformed me completely.
And not only I, but my family and colleagues say the same thing
(about me having been transformed in a positive way)!

So how did I get transformed by the AAB teaching?  Simply by
incorporating it in my life.  Not merely reading it, but by acting
on it, making it a part of my life.  Perhaps I'll say more about it

The old saying that 'the teacher will appear when the student is
ready' is certainly true, and that is my attitude to all the people
that say negative things about the HPB or the AAB material.  Everyone
is indeed right according to his or her own stage of development,
or station in life.  One of the things I learnt from Bailey is that
the 'place where you are, is the place where you are supposed to
be!'  So when someone criticizes what I say, it is ok with me, and
when someone praises what I have said or done, it is ok too!

"Nobody is my enemy.  Nobody is my friend.  Everyone is my teacher."

With best regards/Arvind


"Let the actions of the soul be motives of my daily life.
I am that soul and unto that I dedicate myself.
That soul is one in all my fellowmen and I am one with them.
The keynote of the actions of the soul is sacrifice."

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