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Astrology, T.S., E.S., Etc.

Jan 15, 1994 01:05 PM

To Paul Johnson, Jerry H.E., John Mead, Osmar and
anyone else interested in the subject: Astrological
Correlations To Theosophical Horoscopes.

In the early part of the year 1993, I was asked to
do a few talks on this subject for the L.A.C.T.S.
I actually did more research than I would be able
to use at the two talks which I gave, so it is nice
to be able to share some of my discoveries in this
theos-l format. I hope you will enjoy some of my
findings as much as I did in the process of finding
them. For those not so versed in the technical terms
used in the field of astrology I will try to keep
the use of them to a minimum. Let me first give a
bit of background to my approach. I use Marc Edmund
Jones' techniques mostly, but with my own meanings
for interpretations. I like to compare horoscopes
in order to see the bigger picture rather than an
individual or group entity off by itself. That is
why I chose to read for my first talk at L.A.C.T.S.
the horoscope of Radha Burnier. A look at the T.S.
scope without considering the surrogate leader's
make-up would be doing only half the job. The lead-
er of a country or organization lends her or his
scope to the group and all the transits and progres-
sions experienced by the individual "in charge" are
felt by the members as a whole. It is important to
note that even when a leading person is outshined
by another of "lower" status making a contribution
of great worth, the astrological "credit" and refer-
ences ultimately go to the authorized leader's horo-
scope. For example, even if Hilary tells her husband
Bill what to do, Bill's scope is the central one you
refer to and relate Hilary's to his. So if things
appear to take place within circles of the T.S. with-
out mention of R.B., no matter, it is under her watch
that all takes place. It is essential to take a good
look at the dynamics of her chart if a thorough job
of present day T.S. analysis is undertaken. When look-
ing into the past by contrast, an analysis of leaders
of the time investigated should be under consideration.
For a whole overview of the entire span of the histori-
cal Theosophical Society, recourse to investigation goes
to its founder, H.P.B.; that is if you acknowledge her
as sole initiator. The scopes of Col. O. and perhaps
W.Q. Judge as "partners" could be argued out. But in the
final analysis without H.P.B., there probably wouldn't
be a T.S. as it is known today. Therefore, for my se-
cond talk, I interpreted H.P.B.'s transits and progres-
sions for the years she "guided" the Society through
its initial stages. I found some very interesting cor-
relations between her dynamic (transits/progressions)
scope and the beginnings of the T.S., E.S., and the Inner
Group. Another very important point aside from choosing
adequate horoscopes for the foundation of a study, is
to keep the dynamic transits and progressed aspects lim-
ited to those of major "influence". These are, with PRO-
GRESSED: the 5 major aspects, divided into two groups;
squares (fulcrum), and the conj., sex., opp., and trine
(non-fulcral). Planetary STATIONS are of extreme import-
ance when investigating progressed charts, as these turn-
ings from direct to retrograde motion or the reverse, in-
dicate periods of transitions and developments of great
import in the lives of people or organizations. A pause
in the orbit of a progressed planet turning direction
need not be in aspect with any natal planet. The progres-
sed planet's function is amplified to a degree that the
native will experience a crucial regrasp of life's cir-
cumstances within the domain of the planet's natural
meaning. And again, this is without natal planetary con-
tact. However, with the TRANSITS, it is important to use
only the planetary STATIONS which conjunct or oppose a
natal planet with an orb not exceeding 1 degree. Also any
SOLAR ECLIPSE occurring at or opposite a natal planet is
as significant as a transit station. With all this in
mind, it is interesting to point out that the TRANSITING
planet Saturn came to station within 1 degree of orb, in
opposition to H.P.B.'s natal Sun on Oct. 23, 1875.
H.P.B.'s Sun is 18 Leo 30. The transit Saturn station was
19 Aquarius 25. This corresponds with the inauguration
of the Theosophical Society, "born" Nov. 17, 1875.
As well, the TRANSITING planet Uranus, at 20 Leo 01,
was just a bit over the allowable orb of one degree
in its station conjunct H.P.B.'s Sun position on Nov.
24, 1875. By and large these two "objective" factors,
the station conjunct and the station opposition, but-
tress the "subjective" PROGRESSED factors which I un-
fortunately was unable to find for lack of availabili-
ty of an ephemeris for the year of H.P.B.'s birth,
1831. However, these stations of Saturn and Uranus in
TRANSIT, in direct contact with her natal Sun posi-
tion, are testimony to the great importance to her of
the events taking place in her life at this time, i.e.,
the writing of "Isis Unveiled" and the official be-
ginning of the Theosophical Society. An example of the
significance of transiting planetary stations can be
seen in a modern case, with the comparison of Bill
Clinton's horoscope to that of George Bush, just
before the 1992 election. Their progressions and non-
stationary transits were almost equal in type and
number. This caused many astrologers difficulty when
trying to determine the next United States President.
If, however, the astrologer noted the STATION of transit-
ing Saturn coming to stop opposite Bill Clinton's natal
Pluto and realized the significance of such an aspect,
it would have been a simple clue in determining our pre-
sent surrogate leader. Likewise, here is the testimony
in similar fashion for the beginnings of the Theoso-
phical Society. H.P.B.'s purpose (the Sun), was acti-
vated to become the guiding "force" of the Society;
but because she "declined" to become it's president,
she forfeited the opportunity to lend her horoscope to
the group. Therefore Col. Olcott should be considered
the true surrogate leader for the time he remained as
it's president. As for H.P.B., I would continue to use
her horoscope in regards to her own potentials and in
reference to the founding and evolution of the T.S. when
wishing to take the entire historical picture into ac-
count. Briefly, the Theosophical Society's horoscope of
Nov. 17, 1875, is a fixed picture of the geocentric view
of the planets as they interrelate in unique correspond-
ance to its founder's natal potentials, via the planet-
ary stations which I have described above. H.P.B.'s
HIGH FOCUS Sun acting as the LEADING PLANET in a LOCO-
MOTIVE driving force TEMPERAMENT, in 1875, steps up
its VITALITY to become MASTERFUL in executing the
plans set forth by those for whom she was in service.
Saturn and Uranus are representative particles of a
wave of intelligence that brought divergent forces,
both spiritual and physical, together to set in motion
another of humanity's punctuating testimonies to the
Ancient Wisdom Religion; this time dressed in the
cloak of what we now call the Theosophical Society.
PROGRESSED planetary STATION placements were available
to me for the years of Blavatsky's life span and it is
interesting to note that her progressed Mercury paused
to turn from retrograde to direct about the year 1887.
There are relatively few progressed stations which oc-
cur during a person's short life time. H.P.B. had five
of these, just above the average number. Therefore ow-
ing to its rarity of occurrence one can safely surmise
that to H.P.B. personally, the official beginnings of
the Esoteric Section in 1888 (corresponding to this one
of the five stations) was of monumental significance to
her. And it was through this opportunity of reorienta-
tion, which any stationary planet represents, that she
attempted a crucial regrasp of the direction and evolu-
tion of the Society as a whole. As well, this Mercury
station is without doubt related to the publishing
in 1888, of H.P.B.'s most well known work, "The Secret
Doctrine". It is convenient to mention here the trans-
formation and deviation, via the Mercury turn, from a
previously intellectual brand of writing to what can be
witnessed as more a spiritual contribution in 1889, with
her translation of fragments of "The Book of the Golden
Precepts", better known as "The Voice of the Silence".
Again this mirrors the meaning of planetary stations in
the part they play as indicators of transformation and
reorientation in the lives of people and group entities.
Perhaps most interesting of all, were the twin stations
of her progressed Neptune and Jupiter in the last few
years of her life. It is not surprising that her
fragile state of health could not withstand the pres-
sures of so great an astrological influence as this
double pause can exert. She did however before pas-
sing, manage to form the Inner Group of the E.S., with
a first meeting on Aug. 20, 1890. The year of H.P.B.'s
death is also uniquely coupled with the conjunction of
TRANSITING Neptune and Pluto which occurs at about a 493
year cycle. They participate within the context of an
even more significant cycle or triple conjunction con-
sisting of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I find it
fascinating that at this time in history we are partici-
pating in another great astrological event involving the
conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune. This pair
will be passing back and forth and station upon H.P.B.'s
natal Neptune. In a sense, Blavatsky lives on through
the Society she helped to form, and so it will be in-
teresting to see what develops from these aspects in
time. And of course the whole picture is enhanced when
a close examination of the transits, progressions and
stations are considered when looking into the kaleidoscope
of the Theosophical Society's birth chart. A peek through
the door into the 5th house of the T.S. chart shows much
activity going on. This area is set aside to describe
matters of spontaneous self-expression for the purpose of
learning from doing. In other words, new methods for older
practices are discovered when the constraints of the tradi-
tions of the past are loosened. Since early 1993, the tran-
siting planet Pluto has made significant stationary con-
tact in opposition to its natal self position in the 11th
house. In early August, 1994, transiting Pluto will station
again, this time conjunct upon the Sun which lies in the
5th. The whole purpose (Sun in the 5th) is to expand with
a vision of things to come (Pluto in the 11th). It will be
important to keep in mind, that the dissemination of the
theosophical worldview, be harmoniously integrated at some
point into the mainstream consciousness. Not because I say
so, but because Pluto represents the whole of humanity.
There are interesting ways this can be done; with the
advent of expanding global technology (the Uranus/Neptune
conjunctions), further dependence upon computer interac-
tion and the new information super-highway, something
exciting, may very well be, just over the next horizon.

For clarification, I would like to point out, that
although planetary aspects are subject to (somewhat)
strict orb allowances, the findings of significant
terrestrial events to match up with them has a more
liberal margin. Also I recognize that there are
numerous systems of astrological approach and the
knowledge of one good method does not cancel out the
significance and value of another.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my
personal astrological interpretations.


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