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Re: Radhasoami etc.

Jan 26, 1994 09:08 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Paul, I know at least one Indian couple in Plano who are
'Radhasoamis'. If you give me a list of questions, I'll
be glad to ask them for any answers. Alternatively,
I can give you their phone numbers if you want to
speak to them directly.

I received ISM yesterday and spent a few minutes going thru
it. If I remember correctly, there was a message on theos-l
sometime back wherein you indicated that you had revised some
of your information that appears in ISM and the new info is
contained in your upcoming book. Is there anything --perhaps
an errata or a 'Postword' (as opposed to 'foreword')--that I
may profit by as I am reading this book? I was hoping to see
info on the author somewhere in the book but I did not see
anything. Do you mind sharing your background information
(exoteric and esoteric) when you get a chance?


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