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Cleather Pamphlet etc.

Jan 10, 1994 11:19 AM
by Arvind Kumar

I received the pamphlet 'The Pseudo-Occultism of Mrs. A. Bailey'
over the weekend and read it right away. In the meantime, I have
also been reading the opinions of others on this network
regarding the Bailey books. To respond to all that I have in front
of me at this time will require several hours, which I do not
have at the moment, but I'll provide some general comments in this
message, alongwith (hopefully) a reply to Jerry H-E's latest message.

Before I go any further, let me ask those who have commented 'without
much supporting evidence' or quotes (the names of Osmar, Jim, Paul
come to mind right away) to make the effort, find the time to 'dig
deeper' into what they have said and elaborate on it!  If lack of
time is the problem, I understand as I myself am in a crunch right
now; in that case your comments at a later date will be ok. In any
case, let me thank all those who have contributed to this effort on
AAB/HPB comparison for their time, patience and understanding.

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to read all these
contrarian views of Bailey. The result of all this is that I am
going to become much more critical in my evaluation of what Bailey
has written. You know Bailey herself has suggested in a preface in
every book that she has written that let not "the reader accept
the material presented with blind faith, let him judge it for
himself and accept it as a HYPOTHESIS only if the
material meets with the reader's own innate understanding."

Yes, I do have explanations or answers to all of the material in the
pamphlet, and I'll try to present them as time permits (this could be
a very good research topic/paper in itself but I need someone to
'write out my thoughts'). I am reminded of the story from the
Bible, which goes something like this: There was a blind man who
was healed by Jesus. Others who did not believe in Jesus asked
this man whether he believes in what Jesus preached. The man
only had one reply: "Whereas I was blind, now I can see!" (Please
do correct me if I am wrong about the story, feel free to
elaborate on it as needed).

I am in the same situation as the blind man. I have learnt too
much from Bailey to agree to the suggestions being made that she
'was an unconscious channeller' or a mischievous impersonator
or whatever. Again, as time permits, I'll get back in touch
with specific responses. To this moment I am convinced of the
great value in the Bailey teaching for those looking for a
positive transformation of their lives. And after reading much
of IU, Key to Theosophy, all of SD, I have NOT found anything
in the Bailey teaching that is INCOMPATIBLE with HPB teaching.

Jerry H-E, I have come in contact with Nicholas Weeks through
the good offices of Eldon. I have not responded to his letter
so far, and if I do post my response on theos-l, I'll
include most of his letter in it, and also agree to let
anyone interested have a copy of it via mail.

Nancy, please let me have your address, and the cost of this
pamphlet that you sent me; thanks again for sending it.

Bob Farrior, welcome to this network. I have received your
e-mail, and will write back (tommorrow possibly).

Jim Meier, are you still having access problems?  Please let
me know if I can help in any way. Thanks again for the
cards and the Buddhist newsletter.

I have got to go now, but you (all of you on this
network) are in my thoughts; it is great to be in the company of
such wise SONS of MIND (even though some of us may share opposing
views on some matters temporarily while incarnated...)

Fraternally yours,


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