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"Dark Forces"

Re: 1900 Letter

1900 letter

Re: 1900 Letter

Re: 1900 letter

Re: 1900 Letter

The 1900 letter, and Belief


2 quotes, and 3 thoughts on EBTucker's of 10-5

After-Death States

answer to Jerry S's 9-27-94

Birth Announcement

birth; ethics

Brotherhood of the Shadow

Re: Can we talk about this theosophy stuff?

clarification re L.A. Lodge

Comparing ideas

Evil, anger and love.

Group Karma

holdermans; hitler

Internet Access & Unix

Liesel - a brief comment.

Lost Souls and Spiritual Evil


Narada Falls

Narada Falls & TS

Narada T.S.; Crowley

Ojai and LA Lodge

On Holiness

PS Re: ethics, to Jerry Hejka - Ekins

Re Group karma

Responses to Liesel

Step Out of the Dark

Study/research on religion-science synthesis

Theosophists and Buddhism


Theosophy and Art

Theosophy and modern art

Theosophy, 10-30 interchange between Jerry H-E & Art

To: AP Patterson, Re: This Theosophy stuff

To: Arthur Patterson Re: This theosophy stufff

To: Eldon B. Tucker

To: Jerry H-E, Re: ethics

to: Jerry Hejka-Ekins, re: yours of 10-16

to: Jerry Schueler, Re: Yours of 10-6

To: Jim Santucci Re: group karma

Two Types of Evil

The Ultimate is Not Bipolar


Unix and Theosophy

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