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2 quotes, and 3 thoughts on EBTucker's of 10-5

Oct 15, 1994 11:54 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

the quotes

Larry King quoting Yogi Berra "When you come to a fork in the
road, take it."

Stephen Hawkings, a physicist, I think astro-, who has Lou
Gehrig's disease, is physically completely helpless & can only
communicate by a computer-simulated voice.  An interviewer asked
him how it felt to be so isolated.  - "I suppose my life can
hardly be described as usual, but I feel it is normal in spirit."

To Eldon B. Tucker re "Step out of The Dark"
1.  "We further appreciate the path of Holiness, when we know
where the path of selfishness leads us." Yeah, I guess so...
regretfully.  Most of us aren't to the point yet where holiness
just comes out of us *naturally*.  We need a carrot & a stick.

2.  I've been taught that it's effective to respond to someone
evil with either Love or anger.  Can anyone else comment?

3."All sense of fear and the threatening nature of evil goes when
we are rooted in *good* spirituality." In my small experience the
*good* spirituality which doesn't fear evil consists of a mix of
limitless Love, great self-assuredness, & lots of know how.

I'm off to a weddin'!  Liesel

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