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Internet Access & Unix

Oct 18, 1994 07:01 PM
by Jerry Schueler

I just wanted to tell everyone that I am now on the Internet
besides Compuserve.  I joined our local library system's
computer.  My new address is

This is a second address, as I am still on Compuserve, so there
is no need to change my address for theos-l.  But I can now use
FPT, gopher, and Telenet.  In fact, I recently FTP'd a few files
from theos-l, just to try it out.  I was awed by the amount of
material there (you just don't see it through email).

However, I am having a few problems with the local computer as
it is Unix, and I don't speak Unix very well.  I discovered that
I could list files using LS (why isn't it LF?), and change
directories using CD (same as DOS), but that is about all I can
do.  Anyone know how to delete a file in Unix? (I have tried del,
delete, remove, erase, begone, dryup, and goaway, but nothing
works).  On the plus side, I did manage to figure out Kermit, so
I can download the files back to my home PC, print them on my
printer, and read them.  The question is, how do I now get them
off my directory on the Unix computer? I think I could use a
crash course in Unix.

Jerry S.

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