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Re: Internet Access & Unix

Oct 25, 1994 05:22 AM
by bill

Hi Jerry,

        I apologize for editing your quote here (your lines were a
     little too long) but you wrote:

> ...  However, I am having a few problems with the local computer as
> it is Unix, and I don't speak Unix very well.  I discovered that I
> could list files using LS (why isn't it LF?), and change directories
> using CD (same as DOS), but that is about all I can do.  Anyone know
> how to delete a file in Unix? (I have tried del, delete, remove,
> erase, begone, dryup, and goaway, but nothing works) ...  ...  I
> think I could use crash course in Unix.

        As you have already been replied to, there really isn't much
     more that I can add.  I simply couldn't resist the chance to
     "toot my own horn" here though.  I teach a course on Unix funda-
     mentals which is based on my 1991 McGraw-Hill book: _Unix_for_Ap-
     plication_Developers_.  As intimidating as the title may sound it
     really is just a "fundamentals of Unix" book (BTW, the book con-
     tains two great chapters on vi -- sure to become your favorite
     VIsual text editor of all time! ;-) ).

        As to the command names: ls stands for LiSt files just like rm
     stands for ReMove files and cp stands for CoPy files and mv
     stands for MoVe files and so on and so on ... But please beware
     the rm command!  There are *NO* _Norton_Utilities_ for Unix --
     once you remove a file, it's gone!  If you are using the Korn or
     C Shells you might alias the rm command to do an rm -i ... an in-
     teractive remove that prompts you before it removes each file.

        Now there has to be something theosophically relevant here
     somewhere or I'm bound to get flamed.  Hmmmmm ..., let's see ...
     Reading the _Unix_Programmer's_Manual_ is just as difficult as
     reading _The_Secret_Doctrine_ ... no, that won't do, uhhhhh ...
     discussing the structure or "layers" of the Unix system software
     is similar to discussing the bodies of man ...  no, that's not
     quite it either, ... the Unix directory hierarchy is similar to
     ... oh, forget it!  I'm sorry for taking up the bandwidth.

William A. (Bill) Parrette|4000 Executive Pk. Dr., #310
bill@[Zeus.]      |Cincinnati, OH 45241-4007

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