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Re: Ojai and LA Lodge

Oct 03, 1994 11:44 PM
by Paul Gillingwater (Eldon B. Tucker) writes:

>      The Los Angeles branch of the T.S. [Adyar] is 100
> years old this year. It was chartered June 8, 1894, as
> the "Harmony Lodge". It was the third oldest Adyar T.S.
> lodge, until the Canadian Section was expelled, along
> with the Toronto Lodge, founded in 1891.

This isn't a competition, but for your information, two or three of the
Adyar lodges in New Zealand had their individual centenaries in the
past few years, e.g.  Wellington lodge was founded in 1889.  The New
Zealand Section didn't come onto the scene until a few years later, but
there are many lodges around the world which sprang into life soon
after 1875, and have been in continuous existence since then.

Paul Gillingwater

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