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To: Jerry H-E, Re: ethics

Oct 28, 1994 05:38 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Thanks, Jerry for your prompt answer.  It was very healing.  You
see the thing from a broader viewpoint, and, of course other
tyrants killed millions, & we've forgotten, I'd forgotten to
include them in.  I just recently read about the Celts fighting
many bloody battles against the Romans, before & after Ceasar
conquered Gallia Omnia.  That's another one to add, & I guess the
Tibetans are as well.  Your idea of Hitler being a product of the
collective Karma, or antisemitism prevalent at the time helps put
things into perspective.  Serge would stand there & try to
"harmonize", or relieve the tension.

You also make me feel better about my relatives who broke the
unjust German laws.  I hadn't thought of the Underground
Railroad, nor of the sit-ins.  Your comments make me understand
better my own motives, and ameliorate where I'm coming from.

I'm not sure I agree with you, though, about the function of
Simon Wiesenthal.  I hope you're right in that his creating
reminders for the whole world of the horror that accompanied
holocaust will help create world peace.  There are still the
Chinese, and the Sadam Husseins, who could care less.  But
another strain is also that one needs not to reopen that trauma
for oneself time after time, repeating & repeating the same
thought forms, as some Jews tend to do, but rather, one needs to
forget, at least partially, and go on from there.  It's now 50,
60 years into the past, and it's time to let the wounds heal as
best one can.  I think I myself have struck a better balance
between the 2 than most other people, but you've helped me along
with your remarks.  Thanks.  And the theosophical question is how
much of what we've done in the past do we have to remember in
order not to be stuck in a circular Karma path, but instead to
learn from our past mistakes & move ahead , evolve.  Liesel

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