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Re: Can we talk about this theosophy stuff?

Oct 28, 1994 05:19 AM
by Arthur Patterson

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Todd Robert Maas wrote:

> Sorry, Arthur I don't have time to respond now I will get in
> touch in a few days when I can process your story.  I don't want
> to lead you on with where I am at.  I am a devote Christian.  I
> would like to explore this information along with you, but more
> as an observer and how these other beliefs effect my beliefs.  I
> don't want to argue about anything we can discuss certain truths
> about the subject matter.  I see this more as two people
> searching for truth not one view against the other.  I hope that
> we can gain a friendship even if we don't see eye to eye.  If at
> anytime my letters become threatening you can cut off
> communication.  I will honor that if you would.  My story is that
> I am in college and I will graduate with a youth ministry degree.
> I could use some insight into the pitfalls of ministry.  I hope
> you understand my agenda in this whole thing.  If this is O.K.
> throw some questions out and lets find some answers.

Thanks Todd for your response and I would love to discuss the
questions of theosophy.  I have a particular style that makes me
apply my theoretics so I use my personal experience to do so.
You could say I have a hermeneutic of experience.  This may be
what is the difference between esoteric and exoteric
Christianity.  One relies on a word based interpretation of life
sometimes knowingly or unknowingly coupled with experience;
whereas the other uses experience sometimes coupled with word.  I
am assuming that you have discussed these issues at Bethel.  I
know many people who have attended there and especially during
the great inerrancy of Scripture debates of the mid 70's.

IMHO, ministry is an interesting place to grow your spirituality
there are great advantages and disadvantages.  In time I am sure
we may discuss these but one thing that strikes me.  You are
answering me from a Theosophical list is that not a bit irregular
for a "Baptist"? well some variety of evanglical.  To me that is
refreshing since Theosophy is a philosophy of toleration.  But
look out my new friend toleration is not plentiful in the
Evanglical world, it can be had in Seminary and institutions of
higher learning but in the pews and Church conferences and boards
it is a rarity.  I don't know if they warn you that "exploration"
of other forms for the truth that may be found in them is not
encouraged generally.

For many you explore to construct an apologetic so that people
can be "saved".  What might happen to you is that you get
converted to some wierd esoteric principle thus poluting the pure
uncontaminated interpretation of Scripture that the particular
denomination espouses.  In effect, exploration can lead to your
conversion and growth.  If you are a minister and therefore in a
postition where you must uphold the tradition you are more
accountable than most to be orthodox, look out it might box you

Well that should kick things off to a rousing start.  Like you I
have no intention of offense just being honest about where I am
on the pilgrimage so far.

I don't know whether the list is interested the struggle of
Christians integrating Theosophical thought.  So I will send to
the list inviting response from all.  You are free to kick us
onto e-mail if the discussion is too tedious.

Arthur Paul Patterson

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