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to: Jerry Schueler, Re: Yours of 10-6

Oct 27, 1994 08:03 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Sorry it's taken me this long to answer your message.  I printed
it out, & put it away in a folder to answer & then forgot I had
started that folder.  Jerry "Christian Scientists believe that if
your thinking is 'right'you will not experience anything 'evil'
or 'wrong' or unpleasant." you go on to give the example that if
there's a car accident along the road, a Christian Scientist
would not "see" it.  That's exactly what I don't know how to
handle.  They all say that the vibes that will affect you from
outside yourself are the ones that resonate to the ones inside
yourself.  And from that point of view the Christina Scientists
are right.  You think only positive, good vibes.

But to me they're not altogether right, & not to you either.  I
try to be very upbeat, but if I'm walking down the street with
someone & they're about to step into some doggie doo, I yell
"hey, look out!", even though to a Frenchman, such a stepping
into means "good luck".  I think I'm keeping the other person
from having to waste time taking the mess off their shoe.  If I
see a situation I think I can help, I tend to look at it, & try
to help, even if it's acknowledging that not all is well in this
best of all possible worlds.  It isn't.  We haven't as yet all
evolved into Buddhahood.  I think not trying to help is selfish.
(which I am sometimes.  I might be too tired, or just don't want
to be bothered, or a person might annoy me) But in seeing that
they need help, I guess I'm attracting negative vibes.  I was
going to say "I don't know how to deal with that," but while I'm
writing you, I'm getting ideas.  Maybe you can get rid of them
afterwards by using Serge's technique of thinking/meditating
"harmonize", or doing what the TT people do after they've tried
to remove negative vibes from someone.  They shake their hands to
throw them off.  I don't know too well what Pratyeka Buddha
stands for.  But from your description I don't think I agree with
them, for the simple reason that I believe that the universe is 1
interdependent whole, & what happens to 1, affects all.  All this
doesn't make me think that Christian Scientists aren't nice
people.  Everyone is entitled to their belief system.  I just
don't agree with theirs, if that's what it is.

I was interested in reading that your arthritis got better when
you removed yourself from the stressful situation at work.  That
fits in with Serge King.  According to him, many illnesses are
caused by stress.  He says they're caused when the natural rhythm
of the muscles, which is stress, relax, stress, relax, doesn't
occur.  When you're stressed out, the muscles can't renew
themselves properly, & this eventually causes illness.  Does that
help you better understand your arthritis?

Serge also believes that positive or negative thinking is a great
influence on health.  He says that all medication is placebo, and
that it works because you conscious or unconscious believes it's
going to work.  That isn't so different from Christian Science
either, I think.  He was trying to teach us to heal.  He also
told us to use whatever works, as long as it's ethical.  What
works often depends on the person's belief system.

Your belief is that "untoward things" come from the "dark
brotherhood".  My belief is that they somehow come from my own
unconscious.  Having said that, I don't think there is that much
difference between us 2.  You externalize, & I internalize.  You
believe that there's a "dark brotherhood" out there, & that idea
helps you to deal with them.  I'm not sure that there's anything
out there, but there's something, & I try to arrange things
within myself to deal with whatever is out there, or in here.
I'm talking now about personal things.  I'm not sure I know very
well how to deal with earthquakes or wars or oppression of a
whole group.  Come to think of it, Serge taught us the rudiments
of a way to try to ameliorate things like that too.  He called it
grokking.  But I'm not really skilled enough at it to be
effective.  Besides, it takes a group effort to try to combat
these.  Also his technique needs to be done with empathy & love
towards the phenomenon you're trying to ameliorate.  That's very
diffcult.  We tried it on an earthquake that was building up in
Japan.  It was like wow! Quite an experience.

Maybe this whole message is an example of how one can try to heal
things by seeing something negative and trying to change it.
Hope you find it interesting & of some use.  You must forgive me
for talking about Serge King a lot.  I attended one of his
workshops in August of '93, and was really quite smitten by all
the possibilities he presented to the 70 of us, in 5 short days.
I didn't absorb everything then, but brought home audio tapes of
the lectures.  I've played those several times over.

Please write back when you feel like it.

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