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Re: Brotherhood of the Shadow

Oct 09, 1994 04:57 PM
by Kent

ASTREA writes:

<<I was interested to learn that Aleister Crowley (aka "Uncle
Al")worked for the Nazis during WWII, mainly disseminating
disinformation amongst the British, I think.  I can probably find
some more info on this if anyone is interested.>>

Do you think this is this just another one of the rumors about
Uncle Al or is there more to the story?

<<I think I read a novel by Dion Fortune about how a disciple of
darkness was won back to the light through the love of a woman -
only fiction, but demonstrates the point.>>

May be "only fiction" but Dion Fortune has some wonderful things
to say in her "fiction" Particularly "The Sea Priestess", and
"Moon Magic." Quite an amazing woman.  As I understand it she
escaped the fate of the Golden Dawn and was able to establish her
own "contacts."

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