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Brotherhood of the Shadow

Oct 09, 1994 08:05 AM
by Astrea

John Tullis <> writes:

> 4) Most attacks are not coordinated from any single agency.  However,
> just as today intelligence agencies infiltrate organizations all the
> time (the FBI specializes in this), it is just possible that SOME
> disruption of the early society may have been due to various early
> intelligence agencies.  Of course, this IS purely speculation.
> All we do know is that British intelligence suspected HPB of being
> a Russian spy.

I was interested to learn that Aleister Crowley (aka "Uncle
Al")worked for the Nazis during WWII, mainly disseminating
disinformation amongst the British, I think.  I can probably find
some more info on this if anyone is interested.

I have also noticed some strange thought forms around the United
Nations, most of which are generated by people who work there.
But I wonder if some were purposefully put there by you-know-who
to obstruct the work of this organization.  (I am generally not
clairvoyant, but can sense atmospheres and thoughts quite well.)
These thought forms mainly perpetuate confusion and clouded
thinking, as well as cynicism and despair.  The way to deal with
this is to try to cultivate a "positive" charge in ones own
emotions and will, which prevents one absorbing these things, and
also helps clear the air a bit for others.

My other thought is that it probably wouldn't be too difficult to
find out more about the GBB, and their modus operandi, but it
encourages them too much if you take too much of an interest in

> Finally, I think that most damage done by the DB to the Theosophical
> Society is done by influencing people through their lower natures. But

This really would not be difficult to do, even for an occultist
with mediocre abilities.

> But I do think that an organization that works for Light attracts
> attention, and gets "attacked" more than, say, a business
> organization.

This is probably true.

One aspect which hasn't been discussed is that I think some sort
of accommodation has been reached between the GWB and the GBB,
whereby they coexist within their own "spheres of influence."
There is some evidence in the Mahatma letters, and other sources,
that the Masters may allow the forces of darkness to test their
chelas, to see what they are made of, so to speak.  I guess if
the Dugpas are successful, they get to keep the spoils.  If not,
the GWB knows they have someone whom they can rely on.  There may
be some recruitment in the opposite direction as well.  I think I
read a novel by Dion Fortune about how a disciple of darkness was
won back to the light through the love of a woman - only fiction,
but demonstrates the point.


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