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To: Jim Santucci Re: group karma

Oct 25, 1994 07:11 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Went scouting through a couple of my books, & found on general
principle that HPB and AB talk about group karma, & Lama Govinda
& Arthur Avalon do not.  Today, I'm just going to write down book
names & page #'s for you.  If you need quotes, please let me
know, & I'll copy them off for you.

There was nothing in "Isis Unveiled".

SD (I have the 1977 facsimile edition from Pasadena) V.II p.  411
Talks about the Atlanteans.  The gist of it "by turning the holy
mystery of procreation into animal gratification; Hence the law
of Karma 'bruised the heel' of the Atlantean race." p.  446 large
sweep of future evolution of the 6th race.

"Key" British edition, apparently not changed since 1889 p.
46-7, p.202 ff


"Karma", Adyar 1979, Section on "Collective Karma", p.75ff.

"Ancient Wisdom", Adyar, 1959 p.  274, p.  292 ff.

Hope that helps.

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