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Unix and Theosophy

Oct 26, 1994 05:44 AM
by bill

Jerry S. wrote:

> Thanks to Bill and John.  I appreciate the help.  UNIX is not
> intuitive, at least for me.  I got a book on it from the local
> library and I can understand Greek better (I think I can even
> understand HPB better).

        I felt compelled to write here -- I'm not quite sure why.
        I appreciate the thanks (that is one of the reasons that
        I have been a "teacher" for the last 10 years), you're

        The note just got me to thinking about all that whining I
        did a while back regarding theosophical terminology and a
        new initia- tive in theosophical education.  Some 15
        years ago, I remember being in Jerry's "shoes." Unix
        looked like Greek to me but I had to learn it.  The
        advantage I had in learning Unix that I can't seem to
        find in theosophy is that I had a reference manual that I
        could use to find out "how things worked." (As a side
        note, most Unix reference manuals are almost just as
        "Greek-ish" which is one of the reasons I decided to
        write my own book on Unix -- to try to explain it in
        English).  When I ran into problems, there were usually
        human "mentors" that I could go to for additional help.

        _The_Secret_Doctrine_ is not a theosophical reference
        manual, nor is any other book that I have been able to
        find, IMO.  But this forum -- the theos-l mailing list --
        I hope will continue to provide me with theosophical
        "mentors" that I can go to for addi- tional help.

        IMNSHO, it was *much* easier to learn Unix.  Once you get
        into it, it is very logical, consistent, and regular
        within itself.  Perhaps my problem is that I have been
        trying to learn theosophi- cal concepts like I learned
        Unix.  Perhaps it just can't be done that way.

        Just some random thoughts ... may you all grok in fullness.

    ...who had Mole problems and called Avogardo at 6.02 x 10^23.
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