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Re: Mondrian

Oct 25, 1994 04:52 PM
by Paul Gillingwater

"WILLAM ALLEN" <> writes:

> Does anybody know of a
> work or works that deal with theosophy and Mondrian or, more
> generally, Theosophy and modern art generally?

Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB has several pages with brief
indications of theosophical influence on Kandinsky, Mondrian,
Klee and Gaugin (among the artists), plus various musicians.
Nikolai Roerich is also mentioned, who was so grateful to HPB's
legacy to the world that he gave a painting which still hangs in
the museum at Adyar.

I remember also seeing a catalogue for an exhibition on art &
Theosophy, with much more research, but can't remember more
detail.  The catalogue is in the library at the Naarden
Theosophical Centre in Holland.

Hope this helps,

Paul Gillingwater

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