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Re: 1900 letter

Oct 05, 1994 01:15 PM
by Astrea

"K. Paul Johnson" <> writes:

> The 1900 letter from KH was written in the margins of a letter
> to Besant from B. W. Mantri, an inquirer into Theosophy who
> lived in Bombay.  Besant was in London at the time; the KH

Thanks for your commentary on the letter.  I, for one, found it
very interesting.  One of the many mysteries of the T.S.  I might
have some further comments to make later.  I should say that I
never completely close my mind to any possibility when matters
such as this come up.  There are often many ambiguities, and one
can only really adopt "working hypotheses." There is always the
possibility of fraud, but there is also always the possibility
that the message was genuine.


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