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Comparing ideas

Oct 02, 1994 10:02 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

Sun Oct 2  This is from Nancy

To Jerry S: Thanks for your all your comments.  Particularly your
description of the Pratyeka Buddha

I am curious about a comment you made about the Tibetan Buddhist
vision of the 6 realms one could be reborn in.  You wrote < HPB
also describes these six realms, almost as if she believed in
it.> I am trying to understand the TB idea of the after death
bardos and the 6 realms.  Do you remember where she wrote about
it? I have all the indexes so can look it up if you can narrow it
down to which books to look in.  Thanks.

Regarding the after death states, the Tib Bud have a very
different perspective on them than we do -- theirs being that it
is a powerful opportunity to reach enlightenment.  Have you any
thoughts that might bridge the two? Why might they be so
different? I was also a little troubled by their idea of being
reborn 49 days after death.

As we all live on earth, but each find it a different world, I
imagine experiences in the after death states may be too
subjective to translate to the living .  .  .

On a different note -- I too left the Christian Science Church.
Their insistence that everything was good simply ignored and
denied much of the universe.

Thank you for the quote from the Sanatana Dharma regarding the
measure used in Ethics.  I have always felt that much of what is
called evil today, might have been appropriate behavior when we
were on the downward arc, and the habits we built then -- which
were life affirming then, are so strong they are with us still,
but are now life/spirit denying.  In addition to the importance
of motive, is the importance of time.

The value of this perspective IMHO is that behavior and
perspectives that are appropriate, positive, and good today, must
constantly be reviewed in their future context, lest we miss the
turn around point (the low point on the arc) and ignorantly do
evil and blissfully imagine we do good.

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